Taste the Saga – Beer Tasting


Do you love beer and some culture with it? Then this tour of one of the biggest Icelandic breweries is definitely the tour for you.

This tour is not the typical brewery tour, since it focuses on the history and culture of beer drinking in Iceland and puts less time into showing the equipment and chemistry of the beer-making.

The brewery is both home to some of the most typical mainstream beers in Iceland and some of the best craft beers. And they’re very generous with their tasting samples.


About this tour

Join this tour for an excursion through the history of Icelandic beer. This tour is not the typical brewery tour, since it focuses less on the actual brewery and the making of the beer and more on the interesting history of beer in Iceland and the culture around it. Icelanders sure love their beer, so you might not have guessed that beer was banned in Iceland until 1989! Learn more on this fun tour about this strange prohibition and how the stubborn Icelanders tried to get around it. You will also get to taste different Icelandic beers and a shot of the traditional Brennivín schnapps that people tend to either love or hate.

The tour starts with a pick up at the pick up location you choose when you book the tour. You will be taken to the Ölgerðin brewery, one of the main breweries in Iceland. You will get a tour of the facilities, listen to a fun and informative talk and get to sample some of the beers. After all this beer tasting, it’s good to know that you will get a ride back, since it’s probably not a good idea to drive after all of this.

A fun way to dive into a part of the Icelandic culture. Skál!

Pick up

When you book your tour you will be asked to choose your pick up location. Note that you have to be ready at your pick up location when pick up starts, but the pick up might take up to 30 minutes.

The Fine Print


Cancellations received more than 24 hours before departure are fully refunded. Cancellations less than 24 hours before departure are not refunded.

Refunds may take up to 14 business days.

You are responsible for your pick up and must be in front of your hotel/guesthouse and visible from the street. The partner reserves the right to change the meeting point.

Missing the pick-up and/or the tour bus does not entitle you to a refund of the price paid.

If the tour is cancelled by the partner, you will be notified via email or phone. You will be offered another date or a full refund.

Partner Tours

This tour is a Partner Tour

What this means is that this tour is not operated by I Heart Reykjavík but one of our trusted partners that we have carefully chosen to help you get the most of your stay in Iceland.

We are very selective with the companies we choose to work with because we want you to have the best experience possible during your Iceland adventure. We would never recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family and friends.

Comments from previous guests

“Best Buzz You'll Get in Iceland!!”

Great time! Very highly recommend!! Definitely not your average brewery tour, prepare to drink drink drink. And Olaf the host was amazing, a truly great storyteller. She brought the experience to another level. For $100/pp it's the cheapest and best bang for your buck if you're looking for a good evening out!
Toronto / Canada
“Great fun and lots of beer!”

Beer is quite expensive in Iceland, so my husband and I thought that this would be a great way to try a selection! Our host had a great sense of humour and talked us through the very interesting history of alcohol in Iceland and the stories behind each of the beers. We started off with a pint and proceeded to try decently sized samples of 5 other beers and finished up with a shot of Brevinnin at the end. There was a quick walk through of the actual brewing facilities, but most of the tour is spent in the bar. As the host said, once you have seen one brewery you have seen them all! It was a great evening, we had a lot of fun and would highly recommend it.
“A fantastic beer tour if you like to drink beer!”

If you like beer, you will love this tour. As many have mentioned before, it is not a typical brewery tour. To me, they took all the best parts of the brewery tour: the beer tasting and history of the brewery/beer in Iceland, and removed all the boring parts: the brewery equipment and how to make beer. Our tour guide, "Happy" (not his real name because his real name is very difficult to pronounce), was funny, welcoming, and very informative. He made it a great evening. You get a LOT of beer on this tour. I consider myself a pretty good beer drinker, and I could not finish all that they poured us. I think we tried almost 10 different beers, and the samples are hefty. Beer is very expensive in Iceland, and this tour is an excellent value. Also worth mentioning that Ölgerðin makes some very good craft beers. They have a great selection of IPAs, stouts, and more experimental batches. They just released a very tasty mango pale ale. For me, this trip was a highlight of my stay in Iceland. I highly recommend it to anyone that is visiting Iceland and that loves beer.
Morganne G

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