Whale Watching from Reykjavík


Adventures at sea with whales, dolphins and puffins just outside of Reykjavík. A great outing for the whole family. 

Reykjavík is a great destination for whale watching and this tour proudly boasts a whooping 90% success rate when it comes to sightings on their tours (during the summer season, the winter is closer to 70% on average). All their tours leave from the Old Harbor in Reykjavík but you can choose between two different tours that both cost the same: A classic Reykjavík Whale Watching tour with an educational twist or a shorter Whale Watching Express tour.

Whale Watching Express

Special Tours’ fast and luxurious boat, Rósin, will get you to the whale watching grounds in only 20-30 minutes. Rósin was built especially for whale watching with a high cruising speed and offers great fun for all.
Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Classic Reykjavík Whale Watching Tour

Andrea is the biggest whale watching boat in Iceland and offers plenty of space for everyone along with a cafe & souvenir shop on board.This tour has an educational & interactive focus with lots of things to see and touch.
Duration: 3-3.5 hours

Whale Watching Schedule – Available year-round

Jan-Mar Apr May – Aug Sep Oct-Des
 09:00  09:00 09:00  
 13:00  13:00  13:00  13:00  13:00
     17:00* 17:00*  

Classic Tour  Express tour
* From May 15th to September 15th 

Guidance available

This tour is available in the following languages:

English: Every day.
German: Available on the Classic Tour from May 1st to September 30th.

What to wear

If you ever need some warm clothes it’s when you are planning to head out on a boat in the North Atlantic. Don’t forget about your head, fingers and toes and make sure you bring suitable clothing to keep you warm. Warm and floatable overalls are provided for passengers’ comfort and safety, too.

Open voucher

If you have plenty of time and no set schedule it might be worth it for you to buy an open voucher. With the open voucher you can decide on short notice what day and time suits you best. Calling ahead to check for weather conditions and availability is advised. See bookable extras to buy an open voucher.

Not what you are looking for? Here are some more great options

Smaller groups
Super jeep
Budget friendly
Food and culture
Swimsuit required

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