Puffin Tour on Ingólfshöfði


A great tour to see the puffins in their natural habitat, up close and personal, at Ingólfshöfði nature reserve. A great addition to your self-drive tour around south east Iceland.

On this tour you’ll be transported on a hay cart on the back of a tractor over sand and water towards Ingólshöfði nature reserve. There you’ll enjoy some time getting to know the lovely puffins plus some of the other birds that live on the cape (like the Great Skua – which, by the way, is massive).

Please note that you’ll have to make your own way to the start of this tour and transport is not available from Reykjavík.


About this tour

You will be transported in a tractor drawn hay cart over sands and waters towards Cape Ingólfshöfði. Once there you will need to do a short but somewhat demanding hike up the cape and after that you will have around 1.5 hours to enjoy the sights. Although you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide who happily will share all their knowledge about the area, they will not talk over the whole group for the whole tour. Instead they will give you a chance to have a moment with the birds which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Please note that although the hike on the cape and the tractor ride there are quite easy the short hike up the cape can be difficult for those who have problems with their knees and hips and such.

What to wear

It’s always good to be prepared for everything and like always it’s good to dress in layers. Even if the weather is good you still are going to be standing outside on the hay cart and hiking as well, so a hat and mittens might be in order. We recommend a backpack to carry excess clothing so you can shed some layers if you get too warm.

Rainproof clothing and shoes are always a good idea in Iceland.

The Fine Print


The cancellation policy for this tour is as follows:

  • Fee of 100.0% if cancelled 2 day(s) or less before the activity
  • Fee of 20.0% if cancelled 30 day(s) or less before the activity
  • Fee of 10.0% if cancelled 90 day(s) or less before the activity

See here our full terms and conditions.

Good to know

Note that for Ingólfshöfði Puffin Tour you need to check in at our Ingólfshöfði Check In Hut 15 minutes prior to departure. Departures are very punctual and you might not be able to join the tour if you arrive after after the departure time. No refund is given if you are late or if you don’t show up for any reason. This partner only allows clients who miss their booked trip to join another departure, if/when the time comes, at departure time there is space for them. This partner will not reserve tickets for you if you miss a tour, so there is no guarantee that you will receive a later departure if you miss your booked departure. The 2 km long gravel road from the main road to the Ingólfshöfði parking is not a highway, so calculate several minutes for driving that part.

Partner tours

This tour is a Partner Tour

What this means is that this tour is not operated by I Heart Reykjavík but one of our trusted partners that we have carefully chosen to help you get the most of your stay in Iceland.

We are very selective with the companies we choose to work with because we want you to have the best experience possible during your Iceland adventure. We would never recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family and friends.


Comments from previous guests

“Ingolfshofdi Tour”

We did the wagon/tractor tour and it's definitely a "must" if you are in the region. The trip across the coastal plain with the views toward Skaftafell is awesome and then you climb the "hofdi" to where the marker from Ingolfur Arnason's first settlement is located and the puffins are nesting in the cliffs. Great experience, and a small family operation. Really amazing to get dive bombed by skua's and see the pufins so close.
Shawn R
Hanover / New Hampshire
“Absolutely Incredible!”

Our guide was absolutely lovely and very knowledgeable about the area! And the puffins - I don't even know where to start, they are adorable, and love the camera! A ton of them flew to the ledges for a perfect photo opp. Would do this tour again and again! 🙂
Nikki G
“Tractor With Wagon Tour to the Cliffs for Puffins”

We took the tour to the cliffs where the puffins were nesting. The tour is completed by hopping into a large wagon (standing up) and it is pulled by a farm tractor over the coastal black sand beach, through some running waters to the edge of a giant black sand cliff. This is not a tour for the weak. You will have to climb this cliff and it is a tough one if you are not in shape. For those who aren't there are ski poles to help you navigate up. I am retired but in excellent shape and health. There was no problem. Think about yourself and if you could do it. I wouldn't recommend it to families with small children. The climb is difficult and once up there you want to enjoy yourself without having to be concerned about the safety of your kids around the cliff's edges. Our young guide was quite knowledgeable and it was obvious she was happy with her job. We were told how to behave around the dangerous edges of the cliff and how to coax the puffins from their hiding places. We were able to get some fantastic pictures. Plan to be there a while. It is well worth the time especially on a sunny day.
Deborah L
Rensselaer / New York

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