Puffin Express Boat Tour from Reykjavík


A quick and easy way to see these peculiar birds without leaving the city.  Great to combine with other activities, for families and bird lovers short on time.

You don’t have to go very far to see puffins in Reykjavík. In fact, you don’t even have to have a car because you can just walk to the Old Harbor and jump on one of Special Tours’ Express Puffin Tours.

This tour will take to to the islands around Reykjavík that thousands of puffins call home. You will taken there in a charming old wooden boat called Skúlaskeið but the small size of the boat allows it to get much closer to the puffins than some of the bigger boats. Once the boat reaches the islands the captain turns off the engine to allow for better experience with the puffins.

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The great thing about this tour, apart from the fact that it gives you an opportunity to watch the puffins in action in their natural environment, is the fact that it’s quick and easy. The total duration of the tour is only an hour and because the islands where the puffins reside are so close to land it won’t take too much of your precious time to get out there.

Even though the small wooden boat takes you close to the puffin colonies outside of Reykjavík you will not get as close to the puffins as you will in places like Dyrhólaey or Látrabjarg. Binoculars are provided on board and we recommend good zoom lenses for photos.

Going out on a boat will also give you a unique perspective of Reykjavík with great photo opportunities of the Reykjavík skyline.

What to wear

It’s good to remember that you are going out to sea where it’s often colder and windier than at land. Because of that you should dress warmly  and you probably won’t regret bringing your hat and mittens along even if it’s in summer.

It’s also recommended to bring good sunglasses and wear sunscreen. The sun in Iceland can be a bit sneaky and out at sea the reflection can really get you.


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