Northern Lights Super Jeep Tour


As you head out of town in a cool jeep convoy, you feel like you’re part of a mission. Your mission is the northern lights and these jeeps mean business.

The Northern Lights super jeep tour is a great option for those who want a bit more out of their northern lights tour than what the bus tours can offer. This tour is mostly operated in Land Rover Defenders and although you will travel in a convoy, each car has a limited amount of people which gives the tour a more personal feel. The jeeps can take you to places the buses and rental cars can’t reach so you don’t have to worry about feeling overcrowded.

We also recommend these tours for those wanting to see the northern lights from Reykjavík: Northern Lights by boat and Glacier walk and Northern Lights. If you feel OK about driving in winter conditions and you prefer to explore on your own we offer great prices on car rental, especially for shorter rentals in winter.

Why do a super jeep tour?

It completely depends on you what kind of northern lights tour is the best for you. This tour is fast paced, fun and the jeeps will take you to places that you wouldn’t be able to reach on a bus. Because each car will have its own driver guide it feels like a more personal way to go see the northern lights.

Although the tours are normally done in Land Rover Defenders it is possible that other vehicles will be used if there have been a lot of cancellations the previous evenings.

Good to know

The itinerary depends on weather and conditions but the tour will take you to a location in comfortable distance from Reykjavík. The tour depends on weather and sightings are not guaranteed (the northern lights are a natural phenomenon after all) but if the tour is unsuccessful you are welcome to try again free of charge. The tour operator holds the right to cancel the tour due to poor weather and northern lights condition.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the northern lights are very rarely like you see in all those beautiful photos floating around the internet. Those photos are usually taken in special circumstances or have been edited for maximum brightness. The northern lights are still breathtakingly beautiful, we just don’t want to you get disappointed if the photos and what you actually see doesn’t match.

If you don’t have a camera of your own the guides will take photos of you which will be available for your to share with your friends and family (to make them jealous – duh) after the tour.

What to wear

This is an outdoor activity, in winter (in Iceland), so we recommend you dress warmly. You will thank us later if you bring  a good pair of mittens, hat and last but not least warm socks. People often forget the toes, don’t forget the toes!

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