Northern Lights by Boat from Reykjavík


A new way to experience the northern lights in the total darkness
just outside of the Reykjavík harbor.

If you don’t want to do a big bus tour to see the beautiful aurora borealis then this northern lights boat tour might just be right up your alley. Leaving from Reykjavík harbor and only sailing for a short while to reach total darkness also minimizes the time spent on transportation so you won’t miss a thing and you have time for a nightcap upon return.


About this tour

Like with any northern lights tour this tour is subject to the right weather conditions and sighting cannot be guaranteed. If the conditions for the northern lights are good but the weather is not favorable for a boat tour, you will get the more conventional northern lights bus tour and the opportunity to join another boat tour the next available tour.

If the tour has to be cancelled altogether you have the option of trading in your ticket for a whale watching tour, a dinner and a welcome drink at Kopar restaurant or a full refund. If the tour happens but you don’t see any northern lights you can also come again the next available day.

What to wear

If you ever need some warm clothes, it’s when you are planning on doing a northern lights tour by boat at night in winter in the North Atlantic. Don’t forget about your head, fingers and toes and make sure you bring suitable clothing to keep you warm. If your gear doesn’t cut it you can also borrow warm (and super stylish) overalls on board. They have been known to be lifesavers.

A few words on photographing the northern lights

If you are looking for a tour specifically to get photographs of the northern lights this is not the right tour for you. To properly photograph the northern lights you need to use longer exposure times and in order for the photos to come out right you need the camera to stay still. Even if you have a tripod to stabilize the camera you are still on a boat that moves with the ocean. You can get some photos but they won’t be tack sharp like you get on land.

Having said that, it’s amazing to see the northern lights dance in the sky with the city in the distance so just sitting back and enjoying without the camera is definitely worth doing.

Pickup is offered from approved hotels, hostels and guesthouses in downtown Reykjavík for an additional fee

If you are staying in an AirBnB apartment or a hotel that is not included in the pickup list, it’s best if you find the next approved hotel and book your pickup from there.

If you are not sure what is the nearest pickup place, just be in touch and we’ll help you choose.

The Fine Print


If you cancel your tour at least 24 hours prior to departure full refund will be given.

Weather Cancellations

The northern lights boat tour is subject to correct weather conditions and sightings cannot be guaranteed. The partner reserves the right to cancel the tour due to unfavorable weather conditions if need be.

When the northern lights forecast looks good – but it is too windy to go out on sea – the partner will still take you out for a northern lights tour on a bus – plus a chance to re-book the boat tour the next available day!

If the tour does not operate at all (boat or bus) during your stay due to unfavorable weather conditions, you can exchange your ticket with one of the following options*:

  • A Whale Watching Tour!
  • An adventure menu at one of Reykjavík´s most popular restaurant, Kopar, starting with a welcome drink!

Or a full refund. (*All options cost the exact same amount as your northern lights by boat ticket).

If you join the tour (boat or bus) and there are no sightings you will get another ticket to join the partner on the next available day. No refunds are given if the second tour is unsuccessful as well.

See here our full terms and conditions.

Partner tours

This tour is a Partner Tour

What this means is that this tour is not operated by I Heart Reykjavík but one of our trusted partners that we have carefully chosen to help you get the most of your stay in Iceland.

We are very selective with the companies we choose to work with because we want you to have the best experience possible during your Iceland adventure. We would never recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family and friends.

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