Northern Lights Bus Tour


If you want to chase the Northern Lights without having to worry about icy roads or difficult conditions then this is the tour for you. Budget-friendly and great for solo travelers. 

Even though big bus tours is not our preferred method to see the Northern Lights we also know that when you are pressed for time, you don’t feel comfortable with driving in winter conditions or when you are traveling solo these tours might be exactly what you are looking for. With guaranteed departures (if weather and conditions allow) and the possibility to go again if the tour is not successful this might be where you get most bang for your buck.

We also recommend these tours for those wanting to see the northern lights from Reykjavík: Northern Lights by boat and Glacier walk and Northern Lights. If you feel OK about driving in winter conditions and you prefer to explore on your own we offer great prices on car rental, especially for shorter rentals in winter.


Good to know

The itinerary depends on weather and conditions but the tour will take you to a location in comfortable distance from Reykjavík. The tour depends on weather and sightings are not guaranteed (the northern lights are a natural phenomenon after all) but if the tour is unsuccessful you are welcome to join another tour free of charge.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the northern lights are very rarely like you see in all those beautiful photos floating around the internet. Those photos are usually taken in special circumstances (during solar flares for example) or have been edited for maximum brightness. The northern lights are still breathtakingly beautiful; we just don’t want to you get disappointed if the photos and what you actually see doesn’t match.

Travelers with young children are advised to take the 19:30 departure which is available from mid-October through the end of February.

What to wear

This is an outdoor activity, in winter (in Iceland), so we recommend you dress warmly. You will thank us later if you bring  a good pair of mittens, hat and last but not least warm socks. People often forget the toes, don’t forget the toes!

Guidance available

This tour is available in the following languages:

English: Every day.
Spanish: Tuesdays and Saturdays at 21:00 or 22:00 from September 1st to April 15th.


Pickup locations

Pickup is only offered at approved pickup locations in and around the center of Reykjavík. When you book the tour, you will be asked to choose a pickup place from a list of these approved locations.

If you are staying in the suburbs of Reykjavík, or any of its neighboring towns and your hotel is not listed (Kópavogur, Garðabær, Hafnarfjörður or Mosfellsbær) you will need to choose one of the approved pick-up places for your pickup and use public transportation to get there (buses or taxi). If there is no approved pickup place close by, we recommend you choose the BSÍ bus station as your pickup location since it’s easy to reach with public transport.

Below is a map with the approved pickup locations for this tour. You’ll get the exact list to choose from once you hit Book.

 For more information about this system, please read this post on our blog. 

The Fine Print


Reservations can be canceled 24 hours prior to departure without penalty. Cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to departure will be charged full price.


This partner reserve the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. No liability is accepted for losses or expenses due to delays or changes of arrival or departure of flights or other services, injury, sickness, accident, strikes, damage, negligence, weather, war or other causes outside the control of The partner. All such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveler.

Pick up and drop off service

  • Pick up for day tours is operated by several smaller coaches throughout the city centre up to 30 minutes before departure. Please be ready in time for your pick up in front of your hotel or guesthouse.
    Main departure point for this tour is from the BSÍ Bus Terminal.
  • Drop off starts after indicated arrival time. Please note that drop off locations may not be directly in front of your hotel/guesthouse dictated by actual conditions (e.g. narrow streets, coach size, roadworks, etc.).

Return times

Please note that indicated return times refer to guided tours only, drop offs and pick ups are not included. Additionally, during winter return times can vary due to weather conditions.

See here our full terms and conditions.

Partner tours

This tour is a Partner Tour

What this means is that this tour is not operated by I Heart Reykjavík but one of our trusted partners that we have carefully chosen to help you get the most of your stay in Iceland.

We are very selective with the companies we choose to work with because we want you to have the best experience possible during your Iceland adventure. We would never recommend anything to you that we wouldn’t recommend to our own family and friends.

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