Golden Circle Super Jeep Tour


Splurge on a bit of an adventure in one of Iceland’s well known super jeeps and add Langjökull glacier to your Golden Circle tour. Smaller groups and an awesome ride.

If you like big cars with big tires and all kinds of gadgets then this super jeep tour is a great option for you. If you couldn’t care less about cars and just want to experience our amazing landscape in a small intimate group, and terrains a normal bus tour couldn’t take you to, this is also the tour for you. Everybody wins!

On this tour your super jeep will take you to the Icelandic travel mecca, the golden circle, with a casual stop on the second largest glacier in Iceland. No biggie.

This tour is very small so it’s much more personal in addition to the excitement of traveling around in these ridiculously big cars (yes, we said it!).



The tour starts with a pick up from your hotel and guesthouse in Reykjavík and from there you leave on modified super jeep to Þingvellir national park, home of Iceland’s ancient Viking parliament and listed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage site. In Þingvellir you will take a walk with the guide learning more about this amazing place. From Þingvellir you will go over Lyngdalsheiði mountain road which offers great views, past Laugarvatn lake and then onwards to Geysir geyser area. There you will get to see Strokkur, Geysir’s baby brother, that puts on a spectacular show every 3-7 minutes. Next is the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall and from there you’ll be heading to Langjökull glacier. What an amazing itinerary!

Please note that the route may change, especially in winter and spring, in accordance to road and weather conditions. We want you to have a good time but we also want you to be safe!

Lunch options

This is a full day tour so you will need something to eat while you are on it. You can buy lunch and snacks on the way or bring something with you.

Please note that if you have any special dietary restrictions you might not find what you need where the tour stops so you might want to think about bringing a packed lunch with you.

If you are on a tight budget, bringing your own lunch is advised.

What to wear

Please bring warm clothes as you will be outside part of the tour. It’s also good to dress in layers so you won’t be too warm inside in the jeep.

Comments from previous guests

“Don't ever travel by bus in iceland.”

We booked the golden circle tour with iceland rovers, the best thing we did in our 5 days in iceland. Gullfoss waterfall was simply stunning and the views on the glacier will stay with me forever. The tour might seem a bit pricey but I promise standing on that glacier with nothing but snow around you sure makes it worth every penny.
Northampton / United Kingdom
“Unbeatable - Golden Circle and so much more!”

We wanted to experience the 'golden circle' but also wanted to see much more than the usual tour trips and get to an icecap/glacier. This trip with Iceland Rovers meant we could fit much more into the one day, they use improved super jeeps 'defenders' with the super-sized tired that get deflated when traversing through bad snow - and we were driving though whiteout blizzards up over 650m high. Of course a 'super-jeep' needs the right driver and we had just the chap - Stefan was top class - great guy and exceptional guide, good laugh and his driving skills were second to non - often navigating using the sat-nav to see where we were going as the whiteout was so bad! He got us further than others too and others turned back when we kept on going - didn't quite get to the icecap but the conditions beat even him. In essence you see the usual sights but also far more as you go on backroads and the trip isn't cancelled by poor weather. There was four of us in the trip so we were able to tailor the trip to weather and what we wanted to see more of. Costs more - but do it, well worth it!
Manchester / United Kingdom
“Golden circle tour - escape the crowds”

We spent a long time looking at all the different trips that go around the golden circle area and were very happy with our choice. The 4x4 vehicle meant a smaller group and a more personal touch from our guide, who it turns out is very good a driving off road in the snow. We got to all our sights before the large coach tours did and enjoyed the easy walks around the locations that were at a pace we could choose. Plenty of locations to grab some food and toilet stops if needed along the way so no need to panic. An epic day out to see some of the amazing sites on this side of the island, picked up and dropped off at your hotel door.
Dave L

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