ATV Tour in Sólheimasandur


A great tour to discover the diverse beauty of South Iceland while having some fun in the sand.

If you are one of those who prefer action over sitting quietly for hours on end, taking in the breathtaking Icelandic nature then this might be a good tour for you. ATV give you a chance to explore areas that would otherwise only be reached by foot in a much quicker way. Also, they’re super fun!

This is also a great way to see the elusive Sólheimasandur plane wreck with the people that own the land it’s on.


About this tour

The tour starts under the Mýrdalsjökull glacier with quick safety and operational instructions. From there you go through some rivers to get to the Sólheimajökullsandur beach where you will spend some time exploring, visiting sites like the famous DC3 plane wreck. From there you head towards the glacier again before making your way back to the base camp. We urge you to keep your eyes open and enjoy the view because it is utterly spectacular.
There is no commentary on the way, only during stops along the way. This tour is more about the ATV experience and the view than the actual guidance.

We here at I Heart Reykjavík have done this tour and really enjoyed it. Read about our experience on the blog.


Great addition to your self-drive tour of the south coast

If you want to take a nice break from driving during your self drive tour around the south coast of you Iceland this tour is perfect for that. Driving from Reykjavík heading east on the ring road (Route 1) you turn to the left around 12 km past Skógafoss.

This tour is also available with a transfer from Reykjavík. If you book that option you will be picked up from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavík and driven to where the tour takes place, stopping at Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls. If you don’t have a lot of time and you can’t chose between doing something active and sightseeing you can combine both with this version of the tour.

For more information about this tour with pick up from Reykjavík, please be in touch via e-mail.



If you don’t want to share your ATV with anyone else and you want to have all the fun of driving it you can pay an extra fee for a single ride. You can also add another hour to our tour or make it private  for an additional fee. Please see Extras in the booking process for more information.

Comments from previous guests

“Wheelchair "friendly" atv tour”

An atv tour has absolutely great route (plain wreck, black beach )..we did the 2 hours tour. I am a paraplegic and the weren't worried about it at all. There is an disabled restroom at the reception. Right now there is two steps to enter the building but they promised to fix that. Very recommended.
Seva L
“change of plans due to white out conditions”

We had booked a 1 hour snow mobile tour as part of our ring road adventures. When we arrived our guide Einar informed us he had just been up to the glacier and conditions were white out. He offered us a super jeep tour or 2 hour ATV tour instead. All six of us opted for the 2 hour ATV tour- and we had absolutely no regrets. It was awesome and exhilarating. We bundled up in full gear just as if we were going to the glacier and we certainly needed it. Our ATV tour took us down to the black sand beach where we raced on the beach, found some bleached whale bones and explored the skeleton of the DC3. Then we drove to the foot of the glacier lagoon and then back cross country.
Lakeland / Florida
“Outstanding tour guide and amazing day!”

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sharing our day with Arcanum tours based near Vik in south Iceland. Despite dreadful weather we did the snowmobile tour of the glacier (AMAZING!!!!!!) and also the ATV ride onto black beach. Both of these were lead by an excellent guide and we loved every minute of it. It is well worth the money. At one point we were around 500m from the caldera of Katla, if that is not exciting I don't know what is. Go, do it and enjoy. Don't worry if you are not a confident driver as they are with you every step of the way and your safety and enjoyment is their job and they do it very well.
Yorkshire / United Kingdom

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