The I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour


Reykjavík is a city that is best enjoyed by foot and we are here to make sure you don’t miss any of the important stuff. Led by enthusiastic locals that love their city almost as much as they love showing you around it.

The I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour is the only daily walking tour in Reykjavík that guarantees small group sizes to ensure a a more personal experience for all. The tour is like a crash course in everything Reykjavík with a new friend that can’t wait to show you their quirky little city. The aim is for you to leave the tour hearting Reykjavík too and with your head full of ideas about what to do next!

About this tour

About this tour

The I Heart Reykjavík walking tour is not your typical run-of-the-mill walking tour. We designed it to help you make the most of your stay in Reykjavík and get you ready to explore on your own after the tour.

In our view Reykjavík’s charm is not about big landmarks and must-see tourists spots, although it can be nice to see those too. To us it’s about the friendly people, atmospheric bars and cafes and all charming little details. And that’s exactly what we want to show you on this tour.

What to expect on the tour

We start every tour by Hallgrímskirkja church and we always end by Austurvöllur square. While we walk  (at a comfortable and leisurely pace)  we will tell you a little bit about the history of Reykjavík, show you a few of our favorite places and point out cozy restaurants, charming cafés and happy hour worthy bars along the way. We don’t necessarily recommend the fanciest places in town (we can tell you where they are if you want to know) but just places we enjoy or that have been recommended to us by friends, family and your fellow travelers.

On the tour, you will see important landmarks such as Hallgrímskirkja church, Harpa music hall and the House of Parliament but you will also meet friendly cats, see amazing murals and learn about what it is that we think makes Reykjavík so special.

Because our tours are small you can ask endless questions about anything and everything connected to Iceland. It also gives you a unique opportunity to connect with an enthusiastic local that is more than happy to tell you all about what it’s really like to live in Reykjavík.

Who should not book this tour

If you are more about walking than talking, and you want to cover a lot of ground and see as much as possible in a short span of time, our Private Reykjavík Walking Tour might be a better option for you.

If you are a history buff and you are looking for a more history-focused tour – The I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour is probably not your best bet. Although we do spend some time on the history of the city it’s not our main focus and there’s just so much more that we want to show you!  But we will happily point you to the best places to dig deeper into the history after the tour.

Dedication to quality

More than “just” a walking tour

I Heart Reykjavík is a part of Vakinn – the official quality system for tourism in Iceland. Most companies our size probably wouldn’t undertake such a big project because it’s both expensive and time-consuming but we knew that going through the work it takes to get certified would benefit our guests.

But what does this mean for you, our guests?

When you show up for our walking tours you may think we just kind of roll up and start talking but it’s not really like that. Apart from doing our best to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in Reykjavík at all times, all our guides have gone through first aid training provided by a qualified third-party (the Icelandic Red Cross) and have a first aid kit on them on every tour. We have gone through every nook and cranny of the neighborhood we walk around in and done an extensive risk assessment so we can give proper warnings and such when needed. If an accident happens, after offering first aid to those affected, our guides know exactly how to proceed because we have written procedures for every aspect of what we do.

Every week we go through the tours and discuss what we can do better and what people have particularly enjoyed and such. It doesn’t mean that we don’t make mistakes but it is a tool to make sure that we learn from them when we make them.

Another part of our quality strategy is offering our guides a family-friendly workplace. We understand that their children deserve quality time with their parents and we believe that it’s the best for our guests to have guides that are happy and rested.

Dedication to quality is more than just words to us – it’s something we live by every day.


Terms and conditions


If you are booking our walking tour, our Icelandic courses or any other activities provided by I Heart Reykjavík our cancellation policy is as follows:

10% of the price of your tour is non-refundable. The 10% will be used to cover fees connected to your booking. Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the tour.

  • if you cancel your booking with more than 7 days notice we will refund 90% of the tour price.
  • if you cancel your booking 3-7 days in advance we will refund 70% of the tour price
  • cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are non-refundable.

All cancellations must come in writing via e-mail. If you call us with your cancellation, we will ask you to follow up via e-mail to make sure we have all the correct information.

If you are delayed, for whatever reason

The sooner we know that you are running late, the likelier it is that we can help you. We can’t make any promises though so try to make sure you are on time for the tour.

If you have booked our walking tour and you are not at the meeting place 15 minutes past the meeting time we will consider you a no-show. Once the tour has started, and you haven’t been in touch with us, you cannot join the tour as it is impossible for us to know where the guide is located at any given moment, as every tour is different. We also turn off our phones when the tour has started so we can give our guests our undivided attention.

Please observe that this is a no smoking flight

The I Heart Reykjavík walking tour is a no-smoking tour and we kindly ask our guests to respect that. If the guide will make a coffee/bathroom break on the tour, you are welcome to use the opportunity to smoke, as long as you respect those around you who would prefer a smoke-free environment. Please remember to pick up your cigarette butt and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

Any guest that is visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be asked to leave the tour. If we ask you to leave because of those reasons, it is for your own safety and the comfort of our other guests. No refunds will be given.

Private tours and groups

If you have any special requests or you just want to have the guide to yourself we can offer you and your party a private tour. Unless otherwise specified the private tours are a smaller more intimate versions of our group tours and we can be more flexible based on our guests’ interests and special needs.

For more information about our private tours, please be in touch via e-mail.

Comments from previous guests

“Reykjavik walking tour”

Like many here, we came across the I A really exceptional walking tour of the city centre. Asta was amazing! So knowledgeable and thoughtful, warm and good humoured, she opened the city up for us, petal by petal, and showed us a whole rich world within just those few city blocks that comprise central Reykjavik. I’d been advised to take the tour as soon as I arrived, and am very glad I did, as all week I found myself following Asta’s advice on places to explore further, places to eat, places of interest for one reason or another — everything from hotdogs to street art to shops to museums. She really oriented us to the city in the way that only someone who knows and loves it as she does could do. The tour informed and enriched my whole stay. As did the incredibly useful link provided at the end of the tour with its map of suggestions and its daily updated listings of things going on in the city. It's only two hours. Do it as soon as you get there. It will make the city come alive for you from the very start.
St. John's / Canada
“Great tour and even better resource!”

I was recommended to this company by friends who love going to Iceland. Audur was an amazing guide, and kept us laughing the entire time. She is also an amazing resource for everything Reykjavik and much of the rest of Iceland. I definitely recommend signing up for the Icelandic lessons given by Ásta. She was incredible and we ended up staying at her house until 1:30am because the conversation was incredible. Do it toward the beginning of your stay in Iceland and you won't regret it. We also did the glacier walk your with their partner company, and had the BEST time!
New York City / New York
“Great tour!!”

My husband and I did this tour a few days ago and it was great. We flew in that morning and did the 10 am tour with Audur and she was wonderful. I followed the suggestion of another reviewer and did the tour on our first morning there, even though we were super tired. Audur is friendly, funny and gives you a great walking tour with suggestions for bars, restaurants and things to do. Additionally, she has a fantastic blog for tips around Iceland. We booked a Budget rental car and did the horse tour through her website and they worked out great. This tour is worth it and was a great intro to Reykjavik. Thank you Audur!
Kelly N
Newmarket / New Hampshire
“Excellent Walking Tour”

Reykjavik is a small city and it is pretty easy to see it all on your own. And we had the day prior when we arrived and walked ourselves around town. But we missed so much, and that's what makes I Heart Reykjavik walking tours so wonderful. Our guide, Olof, was lovely, and took us to great street art, a sculpture garden we never would have found, and government buildings we didn't notice, and along the way pointed out great shops, restaurants and the hidden "toys" all around the city. She answered all our questions about life in Reykjavik, and we passed a pleasant and informative 2 hours. Highly recommended.
Brooklyn / New York

The iheartwalkingtour with Auður was amazing! I highly recommend going on the tour upon arriving at Reykjavik because she points out all the great places to eat, drink, shop, and sightsee. She is also incredibly knowledgeable of the city and she adds personal anecdotes to the tour that make it a truly authentic Icelandic experience. She even spends some time at the end to teach some Icelandic catch phrases. She is very funny and you will absolutely have a wonderful time! Highly recommend!
Valley Stream / New York
“Made our trip so much better!”

Like many here, we came across the I Heart Reykjavik blog and were immediately struck by Audir's advice, sense of humor, and love of Iceland. We read her advice (excellent!) and used her recommended tours for the bulk of our visit (also excellent!). And, of course, we needed to experience their I Heart Reykjavik walking tour to learn more about our host city. We scheduled our tour with them the afternoon of our arrival (an overnight flight) and it was the perfect way to start our visit even though we were jetlagged. Our tour was great fun and very informative about lots of big and little details about Reykjavik. It truly set the table for a magical first visit to Iceland. Thank you, I Heart Reykjavik, for making our trip so much better. Your great sense of service and great love of all things Icelandic are infectious, and we strongly recommend you as a starting point for anyone visiting for the first time.
Bruce-Carol B
Worcester / Massachusetts
“Not-your-average city tour”

Would recommend checking out the website- obviously this is a tour with a lot of heart and personal passion put into it. The guide gave a wealth of info regarding history, arts, and culture but injected personal thoughts of being an Icelander- he spoke of what Icelanders are proud (and embarrassed) of. Because of the small group, the tour allowed for much interaction.
Indiana / USA
“Fantastic tour”

I would recommend this tour - particularly early on in your stay if you're looking to get your bearings around Reykjavik. Ásta was a wonderful tour guide and very happy to make honest recommendations and she provided a really interesting history of the city. There were only 5 people on the tour I took, which was lovely and it meant we had time to linger and ask questions about what we should do next. Wrap up warm though, because at (at least) 2 hours spent outside, you'll be cold otherwise. It's perhaps not as cheap as the 'free walking tour' some companies provide but I absolutely got my money's worth here.
Belfast / United Kingdom
“Perfect first day activity!”

The walking tour was absolutely wonderful. Excellent pace for the sleep-deprived traveler and so informative. History and tourist tips all wrapped up into one very fun tour. I really loved that she pointed out unique features throughout the city that we never would have noticed otherwise. We only had a few days in this gorgeous city and I'm certain that taking this walking tour just a few hours after landing helped us have a fantastic time. Can't wait to travel back so we can take all of the other tours they offer!
Ann P
Washington DC / District of Columbia
“Wonderful Start to a Wonderful Trip”

It is hard to add to a review with a nearly 100% excellent rating other than to say that the previous reviewers got it right. This tour was affordable and informative, it really set the tone for our trip and is a wonderful use of your time for the first few hours of your stay in Iceland. I highly recommend taking this tour in your first days as it will open your eyes to things you want to investigate further and places you never thought about. They mean it when they say small group size and I think it is what sets them apart!
Evergreen / Colorado

The Neon Warriors are happy to report that the I Heart Reykjavik tour was absolutely delightful. Could not recommend it more. Auður is very knowledgeable and happy to make little stops along the way for a picture, coffee or quick bite to eat. Also, we loved meeting other folks visiting Iceland who joined us on the tour. We met up with them later in the week which we couldn't have done without I Heart Reykjavik. Xo!
Portland / Maine
“Feel at home”

Auður's tour is something special. She knows the usual tourist info, but what she adds is the love of her home which she passes on. It was like being taken round by a very knowledgeable friend. She left you feeling like you really knew the place, rather than just knowing the tourist bits. Our only regret was that the tour wasn't the minute we arrived in Reykjavik as she had so many useful tips. She is a fantastic ambassador for her country. Highly recommended.
Hertfordshire / England

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