Icelandic family dinner – With a charity twist


Enjoy a cozy night with Auður and her family and support a worthy cause. Very limited availability, first come first serve.

You are hereby cordially invited into Auður’s home (the owner and founder of I Heart Reykjavík) where you will get a chance to meet her family in their home and enjoy a nice home cooked meal. Instead of paying for dinner you will donate an amount of your choice (minimum of 3000 ISK per person) to our charity fund which will go undivided to the The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue at the end of the year.

The meal

The menu of the night is a surprise but we promise a main course and dessert. The keyword here is casual so don’t expect anything fancy. What you can expect is a nice family dinner, something that we would eat in our home and serve to our immediate family. This could be a hearty meat soup, the boyfriend’s famous salted fish gratin or rice pudding and slátur. The dessert will be home-made and something scrumptious.

Dietary restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions we’ll try our best to accommodate them, within reason. If we see that we can’t accommodate your particular needs we’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can make other arrangements. It’s likely the dishes will contain meat (mostly lamb or beef) or fish but we do have a few vegetarian/vegan dishes up our sleeves if needed. It’s very important that you share with us your allergies to avoid any unexpected trips to the emergency room.

The Charity

The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue is a group of volunteers that come and bail you out if you get yourself into a bind in the sometimes harsh Icelandic conditions. They are respected, admired and trusted by the Icelandic people and we couldn’t live here without them. They also don’t get paid for what they do and rely mostly on donations.

When choosing a charity to support ICE-SAR was an easy choice because with the influx of tourists in Iceland lately they are more and more sent out on rescue missions to save foreign visitors and we want to support them doing that.

Due to our busy schedules, we can only offer the dates that are bookable on the booking calendar and we can’t accommodate special requests for dates. We will be adding new dates regularly throughout the year so if you are trying to book more than a few weeks in advance and you don’t see any availability you’ll have to check back a little closer to the date.

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