Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about our tours and our partner tours. If you can’t find your answer here you can also try shooting us an e-mail and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. But do read through these first because your answer might just be here.


Questions about our tours

I’m arriving in Keflavík really early in the morning, will I be able to get to town early enough to join your tour?

Under all normal circumstances there should be enough time if you are arriving with a transatlantic morning flight to Keflavík airport. We get a lot of guests straight from the airport and they rarely have any problems.

If you are taking the Flybus from the airport, and you don’t plan on going wild in the duty free, we estimate that it takes you approximately two hours from when you land until you are at your destination in Reykjavík. Hallgrímskirkja church, where our walking tour starts

If your flight is delayed or you run into other unforeseen problems at arrival you can always be in touch and see if there’s something we can do for you. Sometimes we can offer you to come the next day or we might have a tour in the afternoon that you can join. We don’t refund the tour because of delayed flights and such but we try our very best to be flexible.

Just keep in mind that if you don’t contact us as soon as possible there’s very little we can do to help you.

Where does the tour start?

The tour starts at Hallgrímskirkja church, next to the Leifur Eiríksson statue to be exact. It’s the most visited tourist attraction in Reykjavík and it’s huge and visible from everywhere in Reykjavík so it’s easy to find.

If you have booked a private tour and you would like to get a pick up from your hotel you can try sending us an e-mail to see if that can be arranged. Often there is not enough time between our tours for us to offer pick up but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Do you cancel the tour if it’s raining?

No we don’t. The weather in Iceland is unpredictable but it’s not as bad as you think and a little rain has never hurt anyone. The tour happens rain or shine and, believe it or not, we actually get many more good days than bad.

We have a few posts on the blog about good clothing for the weather in Iceland which might be good for you to read.

I am in a wheelchair/have problems with walking, can I join your tour?

The pace of the tour is not too fast and it’s mostly downhill so even if you have some problems with walking you should be able to join the tour. Of course it depends on the severity of your problems/injuries, and the conditions outside, so if you are not sure please be in touch and we’ll help you figure this out.

In the summer, when we don’t have any snow on the streets, we can easily alter the tour to accommodate wheelchair users but it would be better if you have someone with you that can help push the chair when needed if it’s not an electric chair or a scooter. If you have very specific needs, a private tour might be more suitable – just be in touch with us and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

Unfortunately we sometimes have conditions in winter that make our tours unsuitable for wheelchair users simply because snow and ice make the majority of the streets in downtown Reykjavík impassible for wheelchairs and scooters. We would love to have you but we also want you to be safe and comfortable and until the city of Reykjavík makes our streets more wheelchair friendly in winter there’s not a lot we can do. We have partners that can offer wheelchair friendly sightseeing tours of Reykjavík so be in touch if you want us to help you arrange for one.

I’m thinking about booking a tour in the afternoon after your tour, will I be able to make a tour that starts at 13:00?

Under all normal circumstances you should be able to make a tour at 13:00 with some time for a quick lunch to spare. Depending on how fast you eat, of course. If you are worried about time just let us know at the beginning of the tour so we can let you know if we are running late.

I arrive in Iceland at 8:30/9:30/10:30 and can’t make it for your tour at 10:00. Can you move the tour till the afternoon so I can make it?

Unfortunately we can’t move the tours around. What you can do though, if no other day is good for you, is to book a private tour in the afternoon. That way you can choose the time that suits you best.

Because we’ve become quite busy we sometimes add a second tour in the afternoon if the morning tour books out early. During the summer we will also have afternoon tours 4 times a week to meet the requests of our guests that can’t make it at 10.

Is it better to book your tour on our first day in Reykjavík or our last day?

It’s definitely better to join the tour at the beginning of your trip as the tour is designed with that in mind but you can still enjoy it on your last day. If you don’t have time to try out the places we tell you about you can always make a note of them for next time.

We’ve had many guests on our tours that have been to Reykjavík multiple times and they’ve all learned something new. We’re actually quite proud of that!

I’m arriving early morning to Iceland and can’t check into my hotel until the afternoon. Do you know where I can store my luggage while I’m on your tour?

Most hotels, hostels and guesthouses offer luggage storage that you can take advantage of. If your accommodation doesn’t offer that there are lockers at the BSÍ bus terminal where you can store your luggage for a small price.

I wanted to book your tour but I see you are all booked out. Would it be possible to add just two more people just this one time?

One of the promises we make to our guests is that our groups are never bigger than 12 adults. Adding a 13thor 14thperson is not fair to those who have bought the tour in good faith with that in mind. However, sometimes if we know there are young children booked on the tour we can sometimes offer an extra space. That’s the exception though rather than the rule.

Will you wait for me if I’m late?

We want to be flexible and accommodating and we know sometimes things just happen and you can’t make things on time. However, we also want to be respectful to the other guests that were there on time and that might have some other plans after the tour.

If you are running late and you don’t contact us to let us know we will wait 10 minutes before we assume you are a no-show. If you contact us to let us know that you are running late there’s a much bigger chance that we can do something to help you.

What happens if I want to cancel?

This is our cancellation policy:

10% of the price of your tour is non-refundable. The 10% will be used to cover fees connected to your booking such as credit card transactions and other administrative charges. Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the tour.
  • if you cancel your booking with more than 7 days notice we will refund 90% of the tour price.
  • if you cancel your booking 3-7 days in advance we will refund 70% of the tour price
  • cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are non-refundable.
What happens if you cancel my tour?

Thankfully we don’t have to cancel our tours due to weather often. Sometimes the bad weather goes over quickly in which case we might try to postpone the tour until it’s over. If that’s not possible we will do our best to re-book you at the earliest convenience. If that’s not possible, either because of our booking status or your schedule, we will of course refund you the full amount.

Questions about our partner tours

Who are your partners?

We work with many different companies offering the most interesting tours from each one. We are very selective with the companies we work with but what they all have in common is that we either have great personal experience with them or they get great reviews from their guests. Preferably both.

A short list of a few but not all of our partners: Icelandic Mountain Guides,, Special Tours, Laxnes, Icelandic Taxi Tours, Gateway to Iceland, Reykjavík Excursions, Grey Line, Glacier Adventures, Norðurflug and Salt Eldhús.

The tour I'm looking for is not listed, can you recommend where to book it?

When it comes to our recommended tours we believe in quality not quantity. We could easily list every tour available through all our partners but then we wouldn’t be helping you with which tour to choose.

However, our partners offer a great variety of tours and we are almost certain we can find the right tour for you. Give it a try and contact us with your specific needs.

Why isn't my AirBnB apartment listed on the pickup list?

AirBnB has taken over Reykjavík and if the companies would offer pickups to all of them there wouldn’t be any time left for the actual tours. If you are not offered to add an alternative address in the booking process, and it’s mentioned in the description of the tour that pickup is only offered to hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavík, it probably means that this company only offers pick up at  predefined locations.

What you can do, if there’s a big hotel in a comfortable distance from where you are staying, is to book a pick up at the nearest hotel. Please note though that it’s very important that you follow the instructions on your booking ticket and show up in time for pickup (the pickup often starts 30-45 minutes before departure).

Do I need to print out my ticket?

Please don’t print out the ticket for our tours! We’re trying to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. Most of our partners, however, ask you to print out your ticket and use it as a voucher at the time of pickup.

At the very least, if you for some reason couldn’t print out your ticket, have it available on your phone to show the driver. In some cases it’s enough to have the booking number available but it’s always better to have the actual ticket.

What do I do if I need to cancel a tour?

Please contact us to cancel a tour. If you are eligible for a refund this will be handled by us which is why it’s best to make us your first point of contact. .

What do I do if there's a problem with my pickup?

First of all, please note that in some cases you have to pay an additional fee for pickup. If you have not paid for the pickup, even though you’ve given your address in the booking process, you will not be picked up.

Thankfully our guests very rarely have any problems with pickups from our partners. If something happens though it’s best that you contact our partner directly (you can always find the contact information of our partners on your booking ticket) as often they can quickly send another bus to get you if the problem is on their side.

As much as we would love to help you, if you contact us and then we contact our partner the time it takes might mean it will be too late to fix the situation