Flybus – Your accommodation in Reykjavík to Airport


The Flybus will get you from your accommodation in Reykjavíkl to Keflavík Airport in around 90 minutes. 20 + departures daily


Information about this transfer

You will be picked up from your approved pickup place and taken to the BSÍ Bus Terminal where you will move to a bigger bus that will take you to Keflavík Airport. Pickup starts 30 minutes before departure and can last up to 30 minutes but the transfer to Keflavík Airport takes about 45 minutes.

You need to be at the airport at least two hours before departure so make sure you book your transfer with this in mind.

The Reykjavík Bus Ban

Please note that big buses are not allowed in the downtown Reykjavík area. If your accommodation is in the restricted area, you will be picked up at the closest convenient bus stop. You can read more about this in our post about the Reykjavík Bus Ban.

You can choose your pickup location from a list of approved places in the second step of the booking process (before any payment is made).

If you would rather take the public bus or taxi to the BSÍ you should consider booking the normal Flybus transfer