Flybus – Airport to BSÍ


The Flybus will get you from Keflavík Airport to the BSÍ bus terminal close to downtown Reykjavík in around 45 minutes. From BSÍ you can take a taxi, bus or walk to your final destination. 


Information about this transfer

The Flybus departs from Keflavík Airport 35-40 minutes after each flight arrival. When you land you just pick up your luggage and go to the next available Flybus which is located right outside the terminal building. Please have your ticket ready, either printed or on your phone.

Since there are departures in connection with all passenger flights arriving at Keflavík Airport you don’t have to worry about missing your transfer if your flight is delayed or if you arrive late at night.

The BSÍ Bus Terminal

Please note that this transfer takes you from Keflavík airport to the BSÍ Bus terminal. If you want a drop off at or close to your hotel, you will have to book the Flybus+ ticket.

The BSÍ bus terminal is centrally located and from it’s there’s about 20-40 minute walk to most hotels and guesthouses in downtown Reykjavík. Buses 1,3,6.14, 15 and 18 stop at the public bus station a few steps from the terminal and there’s also a taxi stop right outside.

If you are going straight on a tour, most day tour companies offer pickup from the BSÍ bus terminal. The buses will stop on the taxi side of the terminal (except buses from Reykjavík Excursions that leave from the other side of the building). If your accommodation is not ready for check-in at your arrival you will also find luggage lockers (in variable sizes) at the BSÍ.