Airport Direct – Airport to hotel


The Airport Direct will get you from Keflavík Airport in a minibus to your accommodation in Reykjavík in around 45-75 minutes. No transfers or big buses. 


Information about this transfer

The Airport Direct departs from Keflavík Airport 15 times a day at quarter past the hour. Please make sure you have your ticket ready, either printed or on your phone.

The transfer to Reykjavík will take up to 45 minutes while the drop-off process can take up to 20-30 minutes, depending on the day’s schedule.

Unlike the Flybus+ and Airport Express Door-To-Door where you can jump on the next available bus after your flight, you only have a booking for your specific departure time so make sure you allow for delays and such when you pick your departure time. You can buy a Flight Delay Guarantee for additional price that guarantees that you will get a transfer to Reykjavík within 60 minutes from your scheduled departure if you miss it. Please note that if Airport Direct doesn’t have available transfers for you, you will be booked with one of the other companies (most likely the Airport Express).

The Reykjavík Bus Ban

Please also note that big buses are not allowed in the downtown Reykjavík area. If your accommodation is in the restricted area, you will be dropped off at the closest convenient bus stop. You can read more about this in our post about the Reykjavík Bus Ban.

You can choose your drop off location from a list of approved places in the second step of the booking process (before any payment is made).