Explore Iceland without breaking the budget (with Budget)

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Affordable car rental in Iceland

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (despite being a supporter of public transportation): The best way to travel around Iceland is by renting your own car. It gives you invaluable freedom to make up your own adventures as you go and go off the beaten path. Because I know the prices of car rental can eat up your Iceland travel budget I’ve teamed up with Budget car rental to help you make the most of your journey. What does it entail? Affordable prices that are tough to beat and great value for money.


Affordable prices

Price is important for your travel budget when you’re planning a trip to Iceland because it’s not a cheap destination but it isn’t eveything. Budget is not the cheapest option out there, although their prices are often hard to match, but they offer the best overall prices for what I think you should be looking for: Value for money. 

Value for money

I’ve talked about it many times on this blog how important it is to rent from companies that offer good and well equipped cars for your trip to Iceland and that have services stations around the country if something goes wrong. Budget offers both and you’ll be in good hands.

Free shuttle service

If you book your pickup at Budget’s main office in Holtagarðar, Budget offers a free shuttle service from major hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavik to their office. Once you’ve made a booking, just call them at +354-562-6060 and let them know where and when you want to be picked up. You can also send them an email to budget@budget.is

Pick up at Keflavík Airport

The desk at Keflavík airport is open after every flight for pre-booked cars so you can go straight from the arrival hall to the Budget desk to pick up your car. The desk is located to the left when you come out to the arrival halls and is only a few steps away. Easy peasy.

Book your self-drive adventure in Iceland using the booking engine below

The booking engine will lead you through this relatively easy process so just follow the instructions as you go. Please note that the offices of Budget car rental are open til 6 pm GMT which means that if you make a booking after that time they don’t see your booking until the next day. So if you book the car after that time for a early next day pick up you might have to wait a little while the Budget staff members prepare your car. They try to keep the waiting time at a minimum but to avoid it you might want to aim for a pick up time later in the morning. This only applies to next day pick ups booked after 6pm. 



A few words about secure bookings: The booking engine you see here is a widget from a booking system called Bókun which is used by most of the bigger tourism companies in Iceland and was developed in cooperation with all major credit card companies in Iceland. The widget is completely secure and up to all standards. So don’t worry, I got you covered!