Three slightly odd places to stay at in Iceland

If there is one thing I’ve noticed during my years of working with travelers and communicating with journalists from travel publications around the world it’s that everyone is always looking for that off-the-beaten-track experience and the next big thing. Local secrets they’ll often call it. I sometimes make fun of this to my friends and point out the absurdity of it because a secret is no longer a secret if the whole world knows about it. But that’s a whole different blog post, one that nobody wants to read.

Today, however, I want to tell you about three slightly off beat places where you can rest your weary head during your travels in Iceland. These places all have in common that it’s a bit difficult to find info about them if you don’t already know about them and they’re all just a tiny a bit odd. In the best possible way though.

The Buubble


Starting September 1st you will be able to sleep in a bubble in the middle of a forested area in Iceland (yes, those do exist) and enjoy gazing at the night sky above you, free from all light pollution that otherwise might affect the view. The hope is that you’ll see some Northern Lights but even if you don’t it should be cool just lying there looking at the stars. Or the rain and snow pouring down at you.

There will be a few different types of bubbles but they’ll all be quite small and equipped with everything you need for comfortable night’s stay. I don’t think I would book this for more than one night, simply due to the fact I’m a bit claustrophobic, but I would totally test myself for at least one night just for the experience.

Hverinn in Borgarfjörður


You know how it’s both economical and fun to camp around Iceland but you just don’t want to do it because you’re scared of getting cold? First of all: Thermal underwear! Second of all, the inventive folks at Hverinn in Kleppjárnsreykir have come up with a solution for you: a camping spot inside of a greenhouse.

Kleppjárnsreykir are known for their geothermal energy which they use to grow vegetables, yummy strawberries and whatever it is people grow in their in greenhouses. So why not use some of this energy to keep our visitors warm? If you were hoping to grow a few centimeters like the plants do I don’t think they’ll guarantee that.

Kirkjubær in Stöðvarfjörður


In 2013 my sister Helga and I stayed in Kirkjubær which is an old church that has been turned into a guesthouse. What makes it’s unique is that they still have everything in there from when it was a church like where the altar used to stand and the pulpit. You can both book the whole church, which sleeps 10 people, or you can book sleeping bag accommodation.

We loved this place and it had a very special feel to it. The people who own it and run it were also interesting and I felt like I was helping out a family staying there. I like that feeling. You can read more about our experience in this post I wrote about it: The father, the son and the holy mattress.

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