December 5th: Learn Icelandic #17 – The Christmas edition


I promised you a Christmas edition of the podcast so here it is. I know I rambled on a bit on this one, making it unusually long, but at least I also covered a lot of words.

The words covered in this episode

  • Jól
  • Aðfangadagur
  • Jóladagur
  • Annar í jólum
  • Gamlársdagur
  • Nýársdagur
  • Jóló
  • Jólagjöf
  • Jólasveinn
  • Jólasveinar
  • Jólatré
  • Jólabjór
  • Jólamatur
  • Hangikjöt
  • Hamborgarhryggur
  • Aðventa
  • Gleðileg jól



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