December 17th: Hurðaskellir


The seventh Yule Lad and my favorite is Hurðaskellir or Door Slammer who arrives from the mountains tonight. I don’t know why he’s my favorite, maybe because he’s not trying to lick or steal anything, or maybe because it’s just so randomly weird to be obsessed with slamming doors.

Actually I was once obsessed with slamming doors too. It was called being 14.

Image via Brian Pilkinton from the book The Yule Lads

Image via Brian Pilkinton from the book The Yule Lads

Hurðaskellir’s motives are not raging hormones and the most unfair parents in the world like with me, he basically just enjoys causing disturbance and the more doors he slams the better. To him it’s an extra bonus if he wakes people up or if the hinges make loud squeaky noises. But mostly he just likes to slam doors.

I have no idea if he prefers one type of door over other but you should probably not leave the door unlocked tonight.

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3 thoughts on “December 17th: Hurðaskellir”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hahaha, good one!! I think most of us were like that as teens

  2. JillB says:

    I’ve been enjoying your Short and Sweet Advent Calendar so much! The Yule Lads have been super fun so far, even if they have unusual interests. I’ll be sad to see them go 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    It is less creepy than licking kitchen utensils, but just as frightening to hear doors slam! 🙂 Do the Yule Lads assist in making “naughty” kids behave nicer around the holidays?

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