Gas prices in Iceland

Since I posted about the special I Heart Reykjavík car rental offer I’m getting a lot more e-mails with questions about gas prices and the availability of gas stations in Iceland and such. In order to save time, and with the hope this will be of use to more people, I decided to just write a little post about it. I apologize in advance about the lack of personal antidotes and dry material, it’s really difficult to be all poetic about gas prices.

So, gasoline. Petrol. Fuel. A constant cause for grumbling here in the land of ice and fire because the prices only seem to go one direction: up.

Where can I find information about gas prices in Iceland?

Glad you asked. There is this really handy website called GSM Bensín that regularly checks the price of gas in different gas stations around the country and publishes it. They check all the companies, all the service stations of each company and both 95 octane and diesel prices. When this is written (September 2014) the price for 95 octane is around 244 ISK per liter (2 USD / 1.6 Euros / 1.3 GBP) and 237 ISK per liter for diesel (almost the same as the 95 Octane).

If you want to join the ranks of the gas price complainer squad here in Iceland and curse at the gas stations for high prices it’s good to keep in mind that about 50 or 60 percent of that goes straight to the Icelandic government in the form of taxes and duties.

Locations of gas stations in Iceland

I actually started making a map of all the gas stations in Iceland when I decided to write this post (like I did for the supermarkets) but soon realized that it would take way too long so you’ll have to make do with links to the website off the gas companies where they list all their service stations. I guess what’s important to know is that there are plenty of gas stations all over the country and because we already know, after visiting the website mentioned above, that the fuel more or less costs the same at each one it doesn’t really matter which one you use.




Click on the images for more information 

So there you have it. That’s all you need to know about gas prices in Iceland. If you have any more questions or thoughts about this subject you can post them in the comments below. That way everyone can learn and benefit from the conversation.

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2 thoughts on “Gas prices in Iceland”

  1. Denise Dorsey says:

    I stumbled upon your blog about 1 month ago, I wish I had sooner because I would have booked a walking tour with you, unfortunately, my husband & I booked for 2 other trips the 2 days we are in Reykjavik (Snorkeling Sifra/Lava Caving & The Glacier Explorer glacier walk) We will be there next week.

    I have read almost all your post with great interest & my travel folder is full.

    Thank you for posting about gas stations, I had read that a person should really be mindful of the gas level, which I’m also going to guess that a person should take advantage of using restrooms just as often–I have a feeling I should reduce my water intake due to the limited availability (after all here in the USA-there is a abundance of restrooms with no worries) OK, so I said it out loud, I’m a little concern about finding restrooms. LOL

    1. mm Auður says:

      Lack of restrooms is a bit of a problem in some areas but you’ll find them in most gas stations though.

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