Cool cuts in Bíó Paradís – Icelandic movies with English subtitles

BPar_logo_hreint_01 One of the places I love in Reykjavík that I don’t visit nearly enough is Bíó Paradís: Reykjavík’s own independent cinema and then some. It’s located in Hverfisgata 54, the street parallel with and just below Laugavegur, and it doubles as a cafe and  a community center of sorts offering flea markets, pub quizzes and what not. I would almost go as far as saying that Bíó Paradís is one of the often overlooked gems of Reykjavík. Gem or not, Bíó Paradís usually offers a great program with films that you won’t find in the other movie theaters around town. For the last couple of years they’ve also offered a summer program for foreign visitors in Reykjavík where they show beloved Icelandic films with English subtitles. This year they are offering 6 great films all well worth seeing so now you don’t have to worry about what to do on the occasional (or way too frequent)  rainy day in Reykjavík.

Cool Cuts: Films on offer summer 2014

Of Horses and Men (Hross í oss)

More information // Tickets 

Metalhead (Málmhaus)

More information // Tickets


More information // Tickets

Heima – Sigur Rós

More information // Tickets

101 Reykjavík

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More information // Tickets

I have seen almost all of these movies (two of them I’ve mentioned before in a post about 5 Icelandic movies you shouldn’t miss) and I can honestly recommend all of them. Those I haven’t seen have been showered with awards and praises from people that know much more about films than I do so I trust you won’t be disappointed. You can either buy a ticket on the spot or if you are short for time you can also buy the ticket online using the links above and just show up a few minutes before showtime.

Finally, if popcorn and Coca Cola is not your thing over a movie Bíó Paradís is also the only movie theater in Reykjavík where you can enjoy your movie with some beer. Up until now they’ve only offered beer in bottles but my inside source tells me they’ll also be offering draft beer soon. Happy hour is between 17:00 and 19:30 which is perfect for a 18:00 screening time. Get on it.

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2 thoughts on “Cool cuts in Bíó Paradís – Icelandic movies with English subtitles”

  1. Gwen says:

    Any idea if “Of Horses and Men” will be around at the end of July? Hope so!!!

    1. mm Auður says:

      Pretty sure it will be 🙂

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