Hvalfjörður: Staying at Hótel Glymur.

This is the fifth and final post in the Hvalfjörður – Backyard of Reykjavík series that follows a trip the boyfriend and I took to our neighbors in Hvalfjörður earlier in May.

The boyfriend and I were very pleased to discover when we arrived in Hótel Glymur that we got one of their private cottages for ourselves for the weekend. The house we got is called Viskusteinn but I often heard the staff refer to it as the black villa. I assume it’s called that due to the black decor including a really comfy leather couch that I’m glad I don’t have at home because I would never leave it.  The cottages are located just below the actual hotel and they come with everything you’d need for a comfy weekends stay -including a hot tub. We didn’t hate the hot tub!

Viskusteinn - Hótel Glymur

Hótel Glymur Hótel Glymur

The house was quite big and spacious with one bedroom, living room, kitchenette and a nice big bathroom with a good shower (which to me is always pretty important). The bed was comfy and when we got back completely exhausted after our ATV tour (or you know, I was exhausted, the boyfriend was just being polite participating in my exhaustion I think)  it was a nice touch that there was a TV both in the living room and the bedroom so we could relax a bit before our next adventure. I know, I know, TV on vacation is kind of faux pas but it was still cozy. We also jumped into the hot tub if that helps.

Hótel Glymur Hótel Glymur

Hot Tub Hótel Glymur

Although we had a kitchen to ourselves we couldn’t pass up on the chance to eat at the restaurant at the hotel. I’ve often had lunch meetings at this hotel where I’ve had delicious soups so I was looking forward to tasting their dinner menu. Because we had eaten quite a heavy meal the night before and a big burger for lunch we decided to go for something lighter and ordered the dish of the day which was chicken. It was nice but what I really enjoyed was the cured foal starter which was really tasty. Definitely recommend you try that. For dessert we got a really good orange cake which was a nice ending to a pleasant meal and evening.

Cured Foal

Just beneath the road from Hótel Glymur, in a very comfortable walking distance, is a church called Hallgrímskirkja just like the big church on the hill here in Reykjavík. It’s in Saurbær where Hallgrímur, the poet and priest both churches are named after, lived until he died of leprosy at the age of 60. He’s also buried in the graveyard there.

The church is quite unique to Iceland, the one of its kind as a matter of fact, and although I have no particular interest in churches I really enjoyed our visit. I especially enjoyed it because I always tell people a bit about Hallgrímur on my tours and I had never been there before.

Hallgrímskirkja Hvalfjörður Hallgrímskirkja Hvalfjörður Hallgrímskirkja Hvalfjörður Hallgrímskirkja Hvalfjörður

Although I can’t actually comment on the rooms in the hotel we enjoyed our stay in our private cottage immensely. We loved having the hot tub with comfy bath robes and whole shebang. However, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t tell you that there were a few things we noticed that maybe people would get frustrated over if they were paying a lot of money for accommodation like this. I think it comes down to maybe lacking an eye for details. Maybe it was also just because we were early in the season and the staff hasn’t got into the groove of things yet. None of it made our experience any worse though and like I said we had a really nice stay.

Oh and the boyfriend wants me to mention that he was particularly happy with the breakfast buffet. Lots to choose from and soft butter (which apparently is a big plus – he’s such a weirdo!). I agree, it was great!

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