Reykjavík Coworking Unit: Your (office) home away from home

Back in January when I had made the final decision to work full time on my own projects (or at least projects people were paying me directly for) I realized that I would have to find an office space to work from. I had reached a critical point in the pajama work-at-home lifestyle where I didn’t get dressed for days and my hair looked more like a  scruffy modern art sculpture than anything resembling a hairdo (from my lack of effort in combing it that is). In short: I was a total mess.

Reykjavík Coworking Unit

I knew of a co-working space by the old harbor that might have some space available because the person who ran it back then had mentioned it to me a couple of times. True to myself I was a bit intimated by their website because everyone who belonged to it seemed so cool. I look at myself being more like fleece-sweater cool than cool-cool, you know? I mean I don’t wear weird glasses, I don’t own iAnything (except an old iPod) and I only semi-like some of the Wes Anderson movies. But I was desperate so I put my brave food forward and convinced myself that I totally could belong to cool sleek white-all-over co-working space.

I was not wrong.

Reykjavík Coworking Unit

Reykjavík Coworking Unit is run by a lovely English lad called Peter in a converted industrial space down by the Old Harbor. The old harbor by the way, for those who don’t know, is kind of the up and coming area in Reykjavík  at the moment with designer shops, gourmet delis and delicious ice cream shops opening up all over. It’s a pretty cool neighborhood. The coworking space’s patrons include programmers,designers, screen writers and bloggers (me!) to name a few and it offers all kinds of flexible options in memberships. I for example am always on the go so it didn’t make sense for me to rent a permanent desk. Instead I am on what is called a hot desk plan meaning that I have access to the space for certain amount of hours a month and I just take whatever desk is available at any given moment. It’s usually the same desk which is good for creatures of habit like myself.

Reykjavík Coworking Unit

What I really like about the space, apart from the free tea (and coffee for those who drink that), is this idea that Peter has about making it a communal space where people feel like they belong to something more. There’s a Monday nigh film club with movie screenings and popcorn every now and again and then one night a week the space is rented out to a choir for their choir practice. The first Sofar Sounds Reykjavík show also took place there which was great (you should check them out). I also just like seeing familiar faces around me even though I don’t necessarily interact much with everyone all the time because people are just  focused on their work. You kind of get the best of both worlds:  a freelance worker with office buddies.

Sofar Sounds: Reykjavík at Reykjavík Coworking Unit

Sofar Sounds: Reykjavík at Reykjavík Coworking Unit

So if you are a fellow freelance ninja and you need a place to call home while in Reykjavík you should definitely look into getting a desk at the Reykjavík Coworking Unit. We could be desk buddies (see, it’s comments like this one that make me question my coolness)!

All images in this post (except the Sofar one) are courtesy of the talented photographer Mimi Giboin. Takk Mimi. 

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  1. Stephan says:

    Nice artilce, I dream of Living in Iceland (dont know why, something that just started in the last few months). All the same, I am currently unemployed, living in Australia and without any money! But a dream is a dream and you never know what could happen..Maybe I will see you there in the not too distant future 🙂

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