Glacier walk and Northern Lights with Icelandic Mountain Guides

Last week I was invited to join Icelandic Mountain Guides on one of their best selling tours: Glacier walk and Northern Lights. To be honest, I have never been particularly excited about going on one of those glacier tours because a) glaciers are not that exciting to me and b) I’m always worried that I will embarrass myself by being all out of breath and sweaty while the rest of the group glides elegantly over the glacier. I’d rather be sweaty and out of breath in private.

To make a long story short this tour proved me wrong in two ways: Glacier walks are kind of cool and there was no reason to worry that my lack of athleticism would get in my way of enjoying it. I glided – sort of.

Although the tour is called Glacier walk and Northern lights there’s actually more to it than that. We stopped at the ever amazing Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, checked out Skógar Museum (which I loved!), did our thing on the glacier and had dinner together before we went off to hunt for the northern lights. I always think it’s good when people feel like they’ve got more than they bargained for and that’s exactly how one of my fellow travelers, a avid knitter from Northern Ireland, put it after our visit to Skógar museum. The museum guide was excellent and the founder of the museum, Þórður (who will turn 93 in April!), charmed everyone’s socks off with his organ playing and horse hair and wool spinning.  Great place. 

Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights

Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights Glacier walk and northern lights

I must say that I really enjoyed this tour. I liked the fact that it didn’t start terribly early (I was picked up around 11:30) and I really liked the fact that despite a lot of signups Icelandic Mountain Guides decided to keep things small and personal by dividing the whole group into two cars with two different guides. The two guides even took us to two different parts of the glacier so it never felt over crowded. The guide was nice, the lamb soup we had for dinner was nice and even though the chances of seeing the northern lights for the nigh were almost non-existing, I appreciated the guide’s best attempts to find them anyway. Which ultimately led to the one northern lights photo above.

The best thing about small groups, especially for those who travel on their own, is the fact that it doesn’t take long for people to start chatting to each other and before you know it you kind of feel like you’re just on a nice road trip with your buddies and not a tour bus full of strangers. Maybe not your best buddies but friendly faces at least. And for anyone who’s worried, like I kind of was, that you’re going to have to be rescued from the glacier by helicopter due to exhaustion and seriously injured ego (from all the huffing and puffing, you know): Snap out of it. You can totally do this and what’s more – you’ll enjoy it!

A surprisingly full day trip, B-type friendly due to late pick up, and a great way to save time by combining two tours in one. A plus for efficiency!

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Disclaimer: I receive a small commission if you book this tour through my blog. The commission helps me with the costs of running the blog but of course I wouldn’t do this if I hadn’t really enjoyed the tour or I couldn’t recommend Mountain Guides  as a company. The price is the same whether you book it here or directly with them. 

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5 thoughts on “Glacier walk and Northern Lights with Icelandic Mountain Guides”

  1. danielle says:

    Sounds like a great day. i wasnt too nervous about glacier walking as I had done it in New zealand (where i was a little apprehensive) – altho it was a slightly different kind of walk in iceland. more hiking and walking, wheras NZ it was slower as there were more steps and gaps to go over. As a short legged person i always feel like i’m trying to keep up or walking too slow for the person behind me :-/

    I was however the worst person ever at ice climbing taster and what took my friend 5 mins, took me 20! i think everyone else got a bit bored!

  2. Kathi says:

    so excited! we’re going next week and I can’t wait 😀

  3. Juniper May says:

    I am interesting in doing this tour but their website does not say the Skógar Museum is part of it. Do you know if they are no longer doing that? Or is it just really close and happens on the way so they don’t mention it?

  4. Jamy says:

    HI, this is a tour by which company? And, which glacier and ice cave is offered in the tour?

    I would like to also check if they do provide tour in end September? Me and my another 6 friends are travelling to Iceland on 23 Sept and hope to see the blue ice cave as well as hiking on a glacier.

    Kindly let me know asap. Appreciate that.!

    1. mm Auður says:

      It says in the title of this post which company it is 🙂 You can find all the info you need about this tour here:

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