Private cottages in Iceland:

Since I’ve been writing a lot of dramatic posts about my own travels I thought it was time for something short and sweet and hopefully useful: A website where you can book your own private cottages in Iceland


Bungalo is an Icelandic start-up that gives you a chance to book private cottages all over Iceland directly from the people that own them. It’s basically a booking engine where you can narrow down your search by choosing must-have amenities or the parts of the country you want stay in, along with the usual stuff like when you want to stay there. The system will then return with possible results and you can browse through a bunch of cottages, look at pictures of them and choose the one that suits you and your budget best.

I’ve personally never used but I’ve recommended to many people that have given it the thumbs up. I’m sure some of the cottages are better than others but then you can take a look at what other people that have booked the cottages have had to say through the reviews.

Private cottages can be a good choice for those who’d like to be a bit more private or for families with kids that would like some extra space. Plus, some of them seem quite a lot cheaper than you’d pay for at a hotel.

If I were you I’d opt for one with a hot tub and BBQ for the full Icelandic summer house experience.

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2 thoughts on “Private cottages in Iceland:”

  1. Randy Becker says:

    Many years ago, when my kids were young, we rented a series of cottages along the south coast — turned into highlight of that trip as we felt much freer than in a hotel, and our schedules became more our own.

  2. Heather Linnett says:

    This would be a fabulous idea and especially for me, and for my next visit. But when I have looked at this possibility there does not seem to be amenities close by them. ( Not just speaking about these in particular. They all require transport, and I do not drive. But I wold love this and to be out in the nature ‘all alone’ I would like to be close to Reykjavik, but not in Reykjavik.

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