Happy 2014

I’m going to start this post and the new year with a bit of self-pity: I’m sick. Boohoo, poor me. Now that that’s out of the way I’m also going to tell you that I’m not going to reminisce about my adventures and escapades in 2013 and summarize the lessons learned into some profound proverb-type truth. 2013 is done, it’s over, and it was absolutely bloody fantastic. Instead I’m going to dive straight into what lies ahead for this little blog of mine and myself in 2014. It’s super exciting (for me at least and hopefully you too).

I’ve told you before that this blog is hard work. I don’t think you can understand just how much hard work until you’ve done it yourself. I’ve been really proud of the fact that I don’t make any money of it, because that makes me all independent and stuff, and to be honest I’ve reached the conclusion that this position is a little bit dumb. Not because it’s not good to do good things for others without necessarily getting something in return, I’m all for that, but at the end of the day I need to make a living too. My time is worth something – one of the big life lessons of 2013.

However, I also kind of believe in getting money for doing something. I admire people who work with their hands (carpenters, plumbers, farmers, etc) while bankers that make money from moving around numbers in an Excel sheet kind of give me a bad taste in my mouth. Greed, also, is not really my style. So even though I want to be compensated in a fair manner for the time I spend away from family and friends to provide a service to others I also don’t want to take advantage of people.

People have asked me many times why I don’t sell ads on the blog to make money. The reason I don’t want to do that is twofold: 1) Ads are ugly and distracting and 2) in order to sell them I would have to start using you, the readers, as some kind of commodity that I can sell. You are not mine to sell and I’m not willing to give out personal information about you so someone, that I may not even like, can sell you stuff that you may not even need. I put that more into the banker bad taste pile than the hot and sweet manual labor pile. I know that this makes me a bad capitalist and that my teachers at the business department of the University of Iceland would probably not agree but there you go.

So you can imagine my conundrum when I reached the decision that I would have to start make money from the blog but was not allowed to sell the only thing that might be worth something: you.

I Heart Reykjavík in 2014

So to make a long story short I’ve decided to start my own company. I’ve already laid the foundation, spending the last few weeks and months wading through the jungle that is the Icelandic tax environment, gathering information about steps I need to take in order to do this in a legitimate way. I’ve also decided to take a break from school this semester to really focus on getting things started. I’m terrified but super excited at the same time.

I can’t give you the specifics yet but I will be providing a service that I believe will be valuable to you. I’m going to keep the blog as it is and run the company alongside it so nothing is going to change. This addition to the blog will be run with the same values, honesty and fairness, and it’s my hope that it will work seamlessly together. What this really means for you is that now the blog has become a part of a bigger plan I will dedicate more time to it so you can expect more post and more great information. And maybe you’ll want to buy my service. Win-win, no?

I realize that I’m taking a big risk with postponing my education (yet again) and starting a company and that there’s a good chance it’s going to fail (from a statistical point of view anyway) but if 2013 taught me anything it’s that big risks often come hand in hand with great benefits. And it’s better to try and fail than never try at all.




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11 thoughts on “Happy 2014”

  1. Lisa Benway says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your new venture, best of success and Happy New Year!

    How was your New Years Eve celebration?

  2. iride says:

    Good luck!

    Your blog was very useful to us! We used to visit it a lot when we were in Reykjavík last year and we’ll hopefully do that again this year, if we manage to go back and start our little business there (an organic cookery and italian pasta factory/shop like the one we co-founded and run here in Italy).
    Dreaming big here! 🙂
    So good luck to you and good luck to us too!

    Iride and Laura

  3. Gwen says:

    Good for you and I can’t wait to see what you have planned!!!

  4. Gary says:

    This is a good move I think.
    I run my own business, it’s great.
    Education is mostly a waste of time, doing something is better.
    Good luck to you.

  5. Wendy says:

    Happy 2014! I’m looking forward to hearing about your new company. Good luck to you!

  6. Nikki says:

    Every success to you!!! Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

  7. Risto says:

    Happy New Year!

    I wish you the best of luck with your new company. I’m sure you have a good starting point. Your blog is informative and fun, you have great customer service skills and you obviously aren’t afraid of hard work 😉

    I’m actually in Iceland now with my family. I’ve read the blog before and during our visit. Thanks to that I’ve had plenty of chances to shine with my knowledge of Reykjavik.

    All the best from your new friends from Finland!

  8. Heather Linnett says:

    I have always enjoyed reading your opinions, and the facts you have given to me. I am an ‘oldy,’ and an Aussie but I believe in a no regret policy. Aussies believe in a live and let live, and in ‘having a go’ whatever it is. Even at this later age ( which does not bother me by the way, it is only the number of birthdays one has celebrated) a couple of years ago I started a book. Actually it is in part about YOU, and your fellow Icelanders, who walk the path of the forfathers – The Viking.. I should finish it this year, but I said that last year as well. It does however keep growing another head on me. I will not make any money out of that either, and this pleases me so much. All funds will go to ICE-SAR I have been to Iceland 4 times, and I will be there again this coming winter and hopefully for an extended stay of maybe 3 months.

    I wish you good luck in this new venture, don’t give in and don’t give up, regrets are for the dead, not the living, and I will not be leaving any when I go.

  9. Sophia says:

    Am so excited to see how this blog will develope in 2014, blogging is so much hard work, but it’s so worth it. Your blog is absolutely amazing and I love reading your articles about my favourite country in the world :). Am so excited to move back to RVK in a month:)

  10. Kristen says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog while I’ve been planning my trip to Iceland. You will be successful in anything that you put your mind to, good luck with your new adventure! I’m secretly hoping that you’re starting some kind of tour company because I was going to shamelessly approach you about doing a tour when I’m there in April 🙂

  11. Sam Gardener says:

    Good Luck!
    From what I know of you, i.e. through this blog, you will do well. You are big hearted, meticulous in your research, positive in your approach, and principled. Education can always wait until it fits better in your life (one of my students started aged 61, 10 years later she had a degree and a new career!). Give it all you have got. There will be low points on the way, but they will be far outweighed by the high points. Enjoy it and be bold!
    And thank you for keeping ads off here. I would leave immediately if there were ads here. I think I speak for most people who read this.

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