Learn Icelandic #08: The Iceland Airwaves edition

Iceland Airwaves has come and gone and most of the 5500 foreigners that came to enjoy fantastic Icelandic music for the week are probably heading home. The post Airwaves blues hits you particularly hard after the first one and in times of distress it can be hard to articulate how you really feel. Don’t worry, I Heart Reykjavík is here to help.

The phrases covered in this episode:

  • No mommy, I don’t want to go home – Nei mamma, ég vil ekki fara heim
  • Let go of that lamppost and get your ass on the Flybus- Slepptu ljósastaurnum og drullaðu þér í Flugrútuna
  • When I was in Reykjavík hanging out with [insert band’s name]… – Þegar að ég var í Reykjavík að hanga með [insert band’s name]…
  • Thank you Airwaves and see you next year – Takk Airwaves og sjáumst á næsta ári

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