Three great places to stay at in Iceland

When Helga and I were planning our 10 days in Iceland road trip we wanted to stay in many different types of accommodation to be able to recommend something in every category to you. So we stayed in hostels, hotels, cabins, self-catering apartments and even an old church. Below you will find three of these places, all great in their own sort of way.

Dyngja Guesthouse in Höfn

Dyngja guesthouse was one of the first places I contacted about accommodation and for a very simple reason:  They seemed very cool. As it turned out their website was pretty accurate and both the guesthouse itself and it’s owners were pretty cool indeed.

One of the vinyl albums at Dyngja Guesthouse

One of the vinyl albums at Dyngja Guesthouse

Run by a young couple (Fanney and Sindri) out of their own home, Dyngja guesthouse offers a great vinyl collection, a scrumptious breakfast buffet and the most comfortable duvets of our entire trip. We stayed in the red room, which they dubbed the honeymoon suite, which offered great views over Höfn harbor. It was very small but really cozy. I especially enjoyed the home baked bread and the rhubarb crumble at breakfast.

The amazing Stokksnes

The amazing Stokksnes

The only slightly strange thing about Dyngja is that it’s a part of the couple’s home and it’s not really clear which parts belong to the guesthouse and what is off limits to the guests. If you just keep that in mind and ask if you have any questions (they may even have changed this by now) you should be fine. I think the thing people will enjoy the most is the friendly service and helpful local tips that the owners so willingly share. We would, for example,  never have thought of visiting Stokksnes without them.

The old Post House Apartments in Sauðárkrókur

If you are looking for self-catering apartments in North West Iceland you should definitely check out the Old Post House apartments in Sauðarkrókur. Located in, you guessed it, the old post house in town they are a great value for money (especially in winter) and super clean and nice.

Art work by Vicky hangs over the bed

Art work by Vicky hangs over the bed

The two apartments are managed by the owner Vicky, an Australian expat artist that loves living in Sauðarákrókur. She also lives in the house and has a little studio in the basement and sometime in the the future she wants to open up a little gallery there too, showcasing the best art and crafts the area has to offer.

The red wine at Old Post House Apartments

The red wine at Old Post House Apartments

What we really enjoyed about the Old Post Office apartments was the the personal touch and the details Vicky puts into them. The apartments have her art on the walls and before you arrive she will make sure to stock your fridge with Skyr and basic breakfast commodities. She also has some coffee available and some delicious Pukka tea, which is one of my favorite brands. As if that wasn’t enough, there even was a small bottle of red wine waiting for us when we arrived which was great after a long day on the road.

The Icelandair Hotel in Akureyri

I must admit that staying in a fancy hotel is not really my style since I’m more of a hostel/guesthouse kind of girl but nevertheless I really enjoyed my stay at Icelandair Hotel Akureyri. We were really warmly welcomed, the view in our room was gorgeous and the beds really comfortable.

The room we stayed at in Icelandair Akureyri Hotel

The room we stayed at in Icelandair Akureyri Hotel

The hotel is located on top of a hill, that is a killer to climb in heels after cocktail or two by the way, in a newly renovated house that once housed the University of Akureyri. It’s across the road from the swimming pool and has dedicated ski equipment area and a fireplace for the winter season. It’s a pretty cozy place.

At breakfast, you can make your own waffles

At breakfast, you can make your own waffles

As much as I love hostels it was great to spend a night in a hotel, in a big comfy bed with a flat screen TV and a nice private shower, for a night. I also love the Sóley Organics products that the Icelandair hotels use in all their hotels and I’m addicted to their smell. If you have some extra cash to spend and you want a bit more luxury, I have not qualms about recommending Icelandiar Hotel Akureyri. 

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5 thoughts on “Three great places to stay at in Iceland”

  1. Lisa Benway says:

    I have that Neil Young album up in my attic. Haven’t seen that in years!

  2. mm Auður says:

    They had some interesting albums.

  3. Fred says:

    I plan to stay with 2 families in April 2014 with the Airbnb concept.
    Did you ever try that yourself?

    1. mm Auður says:

      I’ve never used AirBnB but I do know that some of the places on there do not have any licenses (which is illegal in Iceland) and don’t pay taxes of their revenue which is something I don’t like – apart from that I see nothing wrong with it.

  4. Patti W. says:

    My husband and I will be staying in Reykjavik from October 31st through November 5th. I am aware that the Iceland Airwaves festival will be going on during this time. Can we expect that this will make the city very crowded and busy during our stay? Do you think that the tours will be crowded as well?

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