Experience Iceland 360° – The Expo Pavilion at Reykjavík Old Harbor

Expo Pavilion Reykjavík

Update: The Expo pavilion has moved to Harpa music hall. You can buy a ticket at the box office in Harpa. 

In an old  warehouse by the Reykjavík harbor you can now go and enjoy all the best Iceland has to offer through film in 15 minutes. OK, not everything but the highlights maybe. It houses Iceland’s 2010 Shanghai World Fair Expo Pavilion which offers a 360° view of some of Iceland’s most famous landmarks scored by the one and only Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson. Apparently to this day 3.000.000 people have seen it but being from this itty-bitty country I don’t comprehend such big numbers

The company that created the film is called Saga Film and they came up with a new technology to film some amazing scenes from different directions simultaneously. The film is projected on five walls of a little box you walk into so the it pretty much wraps around you and takes you on a ride around Icelandic nature.

Expo Pavilion They invited me over today with some friends which we happily accepted.

The details

The warehouse is located down by the harbor, next to Mar restaurant and where the cruise ships dock. The show is open from 10 in the morning til 10 at night and starts on the hour and every half hour all day. The entrance fee is 1500 ISK or 10 Euros, 10 GBP, 15 USD. Children 6 years and younger get free admission with accompanying adults. and it will be running at least until the end of September.

My buddy Jimmy enjoying the show

My buddy Jimmy enjoying the show

The verdict

My friends and I agreed that it’s a bit pricey for what it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a a pretty amazing film and it gave me goosebumps at times but it’s 100 ISK per minute. I know they have to pay their staff salary and rent the warehouse and everything but it’s still 6000 ISK for a family of four, given that the children are older than 6. I don’t know, maybe I just feel this way because I’m out of a job and don’t have any money.

My friend also mentioned that it would be better just to go out and experience Iceland for yourself but for anyone that can’t do that, this film definitely has all the right ingredients to make you hungry for more.

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