Two glorious sunny days in west Iceland

Last week I had to do some work in west Iceland (somebody was actually paying me to drive around talking to interesting people in beautiful surroundings – how can I make a career out of that because I love it!)  and I used the opportunity to take my cameras out to play. I’ve been really interested in everything photography related recently and I use every opportunity to practice, much to the dismay of my family that is often than not the subject of my photos. Therefore I really enjoyed this time on my own, crawling on the grass trying to get closer to whatever animal I was chasing at any given time, without having impatient people (that I love by the way) sighing while I fumble with the settings of my camera.

These photos don’t come close to capturing the breathtaking beauty I experienced on this trip. Just gorgeous.

Hraunfossar Waterfalls in Borgarfjörður

Hraunfossar Waterfalls in Borgarfjörður


Blóðberg (creeping thyme)

A couple of cows I met on my way to Skorradalur

A couple of cows I met on my way to Skorradalur

Icelandic horse Borgarfjörður West Iceland

This horse was not a least bit interested in me or my camera. I think they make for better models in winter when you can lure them over with a bit of green grass. This guy didn’t need anything from me


Langjökull glacier west iceland

Langjökull Glacier and some pretty wild flowers in Borgarfjörður.

Icelandic sheep hvalfjörður west iceland

A pensive sheep in Hvalfjörður

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One thought on “Two glorious sunny days in west Iceland”

  1. Graham Berry says:

    Wonderful photos!
    I visited Iceland for the first time in early May this year. It looks so green now. Shall have to come back in the summer!

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