Midnight sun – how I love thee

On Friday the boyfriend and I went out for some dinner  and on the way back we decided to drive to Grótta for some scenic looks over Mt. Esja and the lighthouse. What we found is this – I don’t think words can describe how pretty summer nights like these are and how happy they make me. These photos were all taken between 23:00 and 00:00 on Friday night on my Samsung Galaxy Sii mobile phone.

Midnight sun in Iceland Midnight sun in Iceland Midnight sun in Iceland Midnight sun in Iceland Midnight sun in Iceland

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One thought on “Midnight sun – how I love thee”

  1. regina says:

    just reminds me of my stay in kopasker in 2007. we had an amazing midnight sun night:-) I loved it so much and I always remember this night. We stayed at a very nice family hostel, with 3 rooms (i hope me memories are right) and we sat all toghether with the hostel father in the living room, reading books , listening to music and do on.

    additionaly: i love your blog, if I will visit Iceland maybe next year, I will be very good prepared for my next stay. Currently I present my Iceland tour on my blog and on my instagram channel. maybe you will be interested in:-)

    All the best
    regina from travelschick.de

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