Around Iceland in 10 days. Day seven: Still in Akureyri

Around Iceland

Don’t you just love days where you have no expectations but then things just sort of happen and you end up having the best of times? That’s the kind of day we had today. We had a late start since I didn’t sleep well due to the stupid cough that is teasing me a bit. We started the day by visiting Andreas and Ulrica at their home in Svalbarðseyri some 10 minutes away from Akureyri. They are a couple from Switzerland that run a yoga and wellness focused travel agency called Inspiration Iceland and we were there to learn more about their company. They were kind enough to invite us to join them, his parents and their staff for lunch and a short yoga session in their home studio. I will tell you more about Andreas and Ulrica later but the visit to their home was a great start to what would turn out to be an amazing day.

The rest of the day we spent checking out cute stores that were recommended to us by different people we met today and trying out the world famous Brynjuís. We liked the stores more than we liked the ice cream but people in general love it so maybe we’re the weird ones. Helga bought a Voss typewriter from the fifties and I bought some postcards to fulfill a promise I made on Facebook. Nothing big happened but it was exactly what we wanted and needed and we enjoyed it immensely.

Tonight we are  staying at the Akureyri Backpackers hostel in a cozy little double room on their top floor. So far we are really enjoying it but we got a great burger for dinner and were able to watch the Eurovision semi-final where Iceland advanced to the main competition on Saturday. There were some people here that are fro the same town as the artist that was competing from Iceland and they clapped and screamed when it was announced. This hostel is not by any means lacking the social experience people expect to find at a hostel

Tomorrow we move to Dalvík where we are going whale watching and then who knows what will happen. Life is good!

Husky in Svalbarsðeyri

Apart from having yoga and wellness retreats Andreas and Ulrica also have some huskies in their home that travelers can interact with

Information board in Akureyri backpackers

We were very happy to see this sign

A new friend in the Icelandiair hotel in Akureyri

Flóra shop

A fantastic shop you have to check out called Flóra

Fröken Blómfríður

Fröken Blómfríður antique shop

Fröken Blómfríður

Fröken Blómfríður


Brynjuís, the home of famous Brynjuís



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