Around Iceland in 10 days. Day 9: Dalvík to Sauðárkrókur

Around Iceland

Every time I start these posts from the road I hear Ted from How I Met Your Mother in my head saying “Kids, it was May 2013 and your aunt Helga and I were waking up after a great day in [insert location]“. Maybe it’s worth looking into why I identify with a male character but that’s probably a subject for a different post on a different blog.

The reason I’m posting this now and not last night is that I fell a sleep while editing the photos last night. I found my computer on the floor this morning with the battery out but I assume it must have fallen out of my lap. Thankfully the bed is rather low and I’m writing on it now so it seems OK. We spent the night in Sauðárkrókur in a really nice apartment in the old post office in town. It’s run by an Australian lady, Vicki, who gave us a warm welcome and showed us around her two apartments and the rest of the space in the house. She is kind of living the  dream (my dream anyway) welcoming guests on a small scale into her apartments while working on her art in a studio in the basement. The only difference is that I have no artistic abilities so I would probably just sit around scratching my head if I had a studio. In any case I’m envious of people who just uproot their lives like that (I think moving from Australia to Iceland classifies as uprooting) and manage to find exactly the right place for them, both geographically and mentally.

We left Dalvík yesterday with a bit of sadness in our hearts because we wanted to stay there for a longer time. We’ve felt that way about almost every place we’ve stayed in and I’m already working it out in my head when I can return to all of them with the boyfriend and the princess to stay for a few days. I’ve been really amazed by all the nice people I’ve met and all the big plans they have for their respective towns and businesses. I’ve also been saddened by some of their tales but I’m not going to get into that just yet.

Dalvík showed its best sides yesterday and the drive to Sauðárkrókur through Ólafsfjörður, Siglufjörður and Hofsós was nothing less than spectacular. The white mountains, the blue sky and the sun (which has left me with a red nose that even Rudolph would be proud of) left us in awe the whole way. When driving down to Skagafjörður from Siglufjörður we gasped at least 10 times over the sheer beauty the surroundings. We also had a really nice lunch at Kaffi Rauðka in Siglufjörður, where we sat outside in the sun, and finally it felt a little like summer was here. We had plans to stop at Hofsós swimming pool on the way, just because it’s my all time favorite, but by the time we got there (just before 5pm) it was closing so we missed that chance.

Last night we went to a restaurant some 200 meters away from our apartment where we watched the Eurovision final and ate some really decent pizza. The food was good but the service only so so. It left me thinking about the fact that after 9 days on the road we’ve really only experienced bad service two or three times and even then it wasn’t particularly bad, it just wasn’t that good. OK, in one place it was pretty bad.

Now I’m just waiting for Helga to wake up so we head out and start the last leg of our journey. The next 24 hours will be all about seals in the Vatnsnes peninsula and I’m looking forward to meeting the person who started this all by sending me an invitation to visit the Seal Center which somehow escalated to a full circle around the country. I do think this journey is something Helga and I will tell tell our kids about later. The princess might be too busy with her new bike she got while I’ve been away to sit down and listen though.

Hot tub in Dalvík hostel

The hot tub at Dalvík hostel. The town was hit pretty bad with snow this year and because it started so early the folks in Dalvík didn’t have time to store their belongings before it hit. A lot of stuff didn’t survive but this hot tub did just barely and Helga took a nice dip in it at midnight.

Hammock at Dalvík hostel

I love hammocks and think every garden should have one

Mountains outside of Dalvík

We had a ridiculously beautiful day yesterday and here Helga is enjoying the view somewhere just outside Dalvík

Snow and sun

The snow is no reason not to enjoy the sun!

Fridge at the old post office in Sauðárkrókur

When we opened the fridge in our apartment last night this is what we saw. Love this gesture

Sunset Sauðárkrókur

The sunset in Skagafjörður last night was just spectacular. Such mild colors, almost like a water painting



Driving down from Siglufjörður to Skagafjörður

Driving down from Siglufjörður to Skagafjörður

PS. Sorry for only having Instagrams on offer today – I hadn’t saved anything when the computer took a tumble.

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