Coffee in Reykjavík: Stofan Café by Ingólfstorg


Stofan cafe has moved. It didn’t go far and is not located in Vesturgata 3. It’s bigger but still charming and worth checking out. 

I’m often asked to recommend good cafes in Reykjavík and since I don’t have an office, you need earn money to have an office I’ve heard, I take most of my meetings at conveniently located cafes around the city. Like this morning when I had a meeting with my future employer at Te og Kaffi in Lækjartorg and then I was off to Stofan to meet up with a couple of Seattleites who asked if they could buy me coffee for all the hard work I do on the blog. Never say no to free coffee I say, or good company for that matter.

Stofan cafe in Reykjavik

Off beat furniture

Stofan Cafe in Reykjavik

Ingólfstorg square seen from the window at Stofan

Stofan is located next to Ingólfstorg square (the weird square at the end of Austurstræti that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose) and is decorated in what I would like to call vintage granny style. Stofa is Icelandic for living room and that’s exactly what it feels like; a grandmother’s living room. Everything from the cozy furniture, the friendly service and the old time wall art makes it very homely and well worth visiting.

Stofan Cafe in Reykjavik

I always opt for this corner if it is available

A bagel at Stofan Cafe in Reykjavik

A toasted bagel with ham and cheese 650 ISK

Stofan, unlike many cafes in Reykjavík that double as bistros and a nightclubs, they mostly just serve beverages and small snacks. They also offer homemade cakes and a happy hour between 5pm and 9pm.

The only bad thing I can say about Stofan is that it’s a little bit too popular and therefore it can be hard to get a seat at certain times. I was there around 11am which seems to be good time as it was as good as empty when I arrived and full when I left. If they are always full they must be doing something right.

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2 thoughts on “Coffee in Reykjavík: Stofan Café by Ingólfstorg”

  1. Maria Egilsson says:

    So looking forward to visiting Reykjavik late August/Sept. Your blog gives us ideas and places to visit. Thank you.

  2. Kay Bloxom says:

    I love your blogs and your humour! I will be in Iceland in October – yes, hunting the lights! Thanks for all the info and tips, which are really useful. Cheers Kay

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