A morning walk in winter

Last night when I went to bed there was no snow but when I woke up this morning things had changed. Since the boyfriend wasn’t likely to get up anytime soon, I decided to put on the fleece pants and woolen socks and go for a walk with the camera. I headed towards Öskjuhlíð and the Pearl where Winter Wonderland awaited me.

There was no one around and the only thing I could hear was the snow crunching and creaking beneath my feet. At one point everything went gray and then it started snowing again. A little later I could see the sun breaking through the cloudy sky and before I knew it was bright again. With rosy cheeks and a silly smile I headed home again, thankful for living so close to something so gorgeous.

Snowy Reykjavik in winter


Hallgrimskirkja church - Reykjavik in winter


Reykjavik in winter


Reykjavik in winter


Reykjavik in winter


Reykjavik in winter


Reykjavik in winter

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2 thoughts on “A morning walk in winter”

  1. Rex Zamlono says:

    Beautiful photos!! I’m bringing my family from Texas to Reykjavík for June 17, and we can’t wait!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jess Pacheco says:

    Goodness gracious! What beauty! I can’t wait to visit one day soon!


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