Confessions of a confused student with time management issues

The University of Iceland – where I spend most of my time these days

I have a bad conscience. This blog has not been getting the attention that it needs and deserves from me recently. I blame school. That’s better than blaming myself for choosing a course in my life that I wasn’t properly prepared for and the fact I’ve been chasing my tail for the past few weeks trying to catch up. Yes, school is the culprit.

I’ve also been stuck in a rut. A writer’s block I think it’s called. Or maybe it’s called perfectionism because I’ve actually been writing a lot of posts but I never post them because I feel they’re not good enough. I should probably work on that.

So I decided that today I was going to post something on the blog. Anything, in fact. To break the ice and the silence. Even though it means I have to become personal.

I write under the assumption that you don’t want to read about my personal business, you see. You’re probably a tourist about to embark on a journey to Reykjavík and you want read about places and prices – not how my day is going. It’s going fine, by the way. I love rainy autumn days like today. I prefer the word autumn over fall.

It’s interesting to be a student again at this “mature” age. When I use words like mature about myself I feel like I’m ancient and not just 31. Most of the people in my classes weren’t even born when I got my first computer though so I feel a bit ancient most days. It’s OK because I know that what I lack in youth I make up for in experience.

Economics lectures and reflections on management are not very inspiring subjects to get the creative travel blog juices flowing. Accounting flat out kills them. Formal education sometimes seems to be aimed at putting us all into manageable boxes instead of encouraging creativity. Resistance is futile. I still try .

I’m not going to make any promises about being more active on the blog. I can’t guarantee that I can. Trying should count for something, right? I sometimes also feel no one is reading this even though I know from statistics that i’s not true. Would it kill you to comment from time to time? I’m doing this for free you know. I kid.

Anyway, leave a comment below for a suggestions of topics you want me to cover and I might eventually get around to writing about them. Or not. Time-management issues, remember?


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7 thoughts on “Confessions of a confused student with time management issues”

  1. Anne H. says:

    I love what you write no matter what topics are covered.
    And I am sure all the posts that you said are “…not good enough” are great.
    I love your blog. I love your words. Thank you for your time.

  2. … I write under the assumption that you don’t want to read about my personal business, you see. You’re probably a tourist about to embark on a journey to Reykjavík and you want read about places and prices – not how my day is going…

    Hmmm… As a tourist who is about to embark on a journey to Reykjavík (next Wednesday!), I will say that what has always made your site special are the personal things that slip through. That and the fact that as far as I can tell you never tell a lie or even a half-truth (which is the fault of most tourism sites.) As far as posting regularly- life happens, sometimes it gets in the way; it’s messy and never perfect (although I heart Reykjavík is pretty darn close!)

  3. Adrianne Jorge says:

    Your blog has been totally inspiring to my trip to Iceland next month. And not just because you write about travel, but because you describe your experiences as a local, which I really value in the places that I visit. So thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. amanda says:


    Like your site but am a bit confused, didn’t you start this site to talk about Reykjavik?
    A bit narcissistic to expect people just to want to read about your personal life?
    I have a lot of people asking me questiones about my country which I love to reply
    about, instead of giving myself excuses for and I think your writing is good!
    You do need to be a bit careful on how you address yourself to people that bother to read your blog, as this last comment, sounds like an attack on “people who have life’s as well and are busy too but have taken the time to show some interest in your life”

    take care

  5. mm Auður says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I think you either didn’t read the post or you didn’t understand it. You did mention you were confused. Or maybe we don’t find the same things funny – that’s OK too.

    The internet is a wonderful thing because it’s all about freedom. It gives writers and bloggers freedom to write about whatever they feel like and more importantly, it gives readers freedom to read whatever THEY choose.

    So although I appreciate your feedback I don’t agree with you. I am not going to change who I am and how I write because you don’t like it and likewise you don’t have to change who you are and read things you don’t agree with.

    If I was a company and trying to generate some sort of revenue from my writing, now that would be a completely different matter. Because I’d probably want something from you (money) and it’s very likely I’d not be expressing my own opinions but opinions that my research would have suggested that you’d like to hear. That’s if you were in my target audience. You would then use that leverage, that you have something I want (money), to demand things you’d want me to deliver.

    But I’m not. So here we are.

    Thank you for time and I do hope that even though you didn’t appreciate this particular post that you’ll find the rest of them useful.

    All the best

  6. Jasmine says:

    I went to Iceland months ago but I’m still reading your blog because, like the first commenter said, anything you write is good. 🙂
    I’d really love to go back ASAP but my boyfriend says there is an entire world outside of Iceland to still explore but maybe in 20 years we could go back. Grrr.

  7. Kelly says:

    Hi Auður,

    Though this is a late response, I do not agree with Amanda and think her post was rather rude. I live in the States and am planning on getting married and honeymooning in Iceland. You gave me a few girls names that do hair and makeup (MUCH appreciated!).

    That being said I enjoy your blog very much and enjoy reading about your posts on Iceland as well as personal stuff. I think it makes the blog more interesting to get a glimpse of your personal life. I too have a big bum and boobs and laughed out loud when I saw the title of this post. I also am a nursing student with poor time management skills as well. So I hear ya there.

    Thank you for the pics too, it’s nice to put a face with the name. Thank you again for writing an AWESOME blog. And if you ever come to New England (New Hampshire, Maine), I would be happy to show you around. Have a great time in Israel! Sounds amazing. I also love your sense of humor and enjoy your blog daily.

    Take care,

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