Ride share in Iceland

A lot of people travel solo to Iceland and discover when they get here that the public transport system is not that great. They may find it too expensive to rent a car and they have seen too many American road killing movies to dare to hitchhike. Thankfully, in 2005 a German girl called Anita and a guy living somewhere in the Westfjords recognized that this might be a  problem and came up with Samferda.net.

Samferda.net is basically an Icelandic car pooling site where you can request for rides or passengers for your journey around Iceland. The website is simple, submitting a request is easy and it is fairly active. Plus it’s available in three different languages: Icelandic, English and German.



Most of the rides start or end in Reykjavík but sometimes you can find different types of rides. Most of the time people expect you to participate in paying for petrol.

Samferða, by the way, is an Icelandic word for going somewhere together. Quite fitting.



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2 thoughts on “Ride share in Iceland”

  1. Does Iceland also have Uber App?

    1. mm Auður says:

      No, no uber.

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