Reykjavík with the eyes of an outsider: Advice from I heart Reykjavík Facebook and Twitter followers

The other day I was wondering about what people like most about Reykjavík and what it is that they take home with them after a visit to my little city. What restaurants do they recommend, which tours did they enjoy the most and what is the single best advice that they have to offer to other travelers? As I was staring into the void, nibbling on my pen like I always do when I’m trying to figure things out (nasty habit), a light bulb went on over my head: Why don’t I just ask them? So I turned to my fabulous followers on Facebook and Twitter and did exactly that.


Did you go on any tours while you were in Reykjavík and which ones were your favorites?


I got a lot of response – you people are awesome!


Iceland on Track Gullfoss Geysir Extreme tour was a great overview. Omar is so knowledgable
The ones I went on were the Golden Circle and South Shore tour. South shore wins hands down cuz of Vík
Did the Gateway to Iceland Golden Circle tour. Was good fun - amazing sights and beautiful countryside

Loved riding horses with Íslenski Hesturinn. Begga is the best teacher

Imagine peace tour

Rent your own car


Because the response was so good when I asked about the tours, a few days later I asked both on Facebook and Twitter for more general advice on what to see and do in Reykjavík. I got a lot of good valuable information.





As you can see the Twitter folks had a lot of suggestions but the Facebookers shared their two cents too. Of course you should follow all these fine people above and if you click on the image it will take you to their Twitter profiles.


So there you have it, this is the advice my peeps over at Twitter and Facebook have for you. I generally agree with most of this although I can’t comment on the tour operators since I haven’t been on any of their tours yet. Last but not least, here’s an advice that is good to keep in mind at all times:


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  1. Katia says:

    great post! thank you! i’m coming to Iceland next week, and i will definitely use some ideas for my activities 🙂

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