Icelandic Music I like: Reykjavík by Sykur

How fitting is that the first song of 2012 that I post here is actually called Reykjavík? This song has been stuck on my brain ever since I heard it first and now I’ve decided to share it with you so maybe it will transfer from my brain to yours. Pay it forward and all that.


This song is from the album Mesópótamía which came out in October, just in time for Iceland Airwaves. It’s Sykur‘s second album and it’s been getting pretty decent reviews. I’ve also heard they are a lot of fun live although I’ve never actually seen them myself.

Enjoy and buy their album!

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3 thoughts on “Icelandic Music I like: Reykjavík by Sykur”

  1. I like this too. I also like their songs 7 am and Battlestar. I can’t understand anything she says on Reykavik. 🙂

    1. mm I heart Reykjavík says:

      I don’t really understand it either… the only line I remember from that song is “Reykjavík þú vekur mig” which means Reykjavík you wake me up.

  2. Ásdis says:

    I really love this song and I fortunately had the pleasure to see Sykur live twice and I met two members of the band during my iceland stay. Why you don’t understand it either? 😉

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