Tried and tested: Sea Angling with Special Tours

Last night the boyfriend and I went on a Sea Angling tour with the nice folks at Special Tours. Earlier this summer I went on their Puffin Express tour and thoroughly enjoyed it so I was looking forward to trying out more of their tours. I must admit that I am not known for being a big fisher but since I have a strange connection with the sea and use every opportunity I can to get out on it, sea angling seemed like a good enough excuse to do exactly that.

At the Special Tours HQ we were greeted by our captain Steini and Pétur who was playing a guide for the day. With few words they hauled the seven of us signed up for the tour down to the boat and then we were off sailing out of the Reykjavík harbor.

Captain Steini making the bait ready

We hadn’t been sailing for long when we stopped to try and catch some bait to use for the real fishing. The lines were thrown into the sea and less than five minutes later we had enough bait to carry on. The sea was swarming with mackerel which apparently, according to Captain Steini, is the best bait.

The boyfriend patiently waiting for the fish to bite

A short while later it was time to get down to business. Seven rods were geared up and out the lines went. To make a long story short, Captain Steini deemed the trip unsuccessful . He did his best to move around and take us to places known to give but the fish were just not biting. Well, not biting as much as Steini wanted that is. I don’t know what the Captain is used to but I can tell you that the boyfriend was more than happy with the 6 haddocks and whitings he caught.

The Australian on board happy with his catch

An American couple enjoying the last rays of the evening sun

Some of the fish we caught - not unsuccessful in my books

The best part of the tour was on the way back when Pétur lid up the on board BBQ and cooked for us the catch of the day. There we sat inside the Reykjavík harbor area, with the amazing Harpa in the background, eating the freshest fish you could imagine. It was both lovely and very yummy!

Pétur the guide cooking some lovely fish on the BBQ

The boyfriend was enjoying the fish so much that he couldn't stop for a photo

The details

Special Tours operate the Sea Angling Express daily between May and August at 18:00. During puffin season, the tour also includes a visit to the puffin islands. The tour takes two and a half to three hours and the price is 55 Euros or about 9000 ISK. Children under 7 ride for free and the 7-15 year olds pay 25 Euros.

Reservations are recommended and you can make yours by calling them on 892 -0099 or by sending them an e-mail on info[at]


The verdict

Even though I was the only one who didn’t catch a thing (not even the bottom like the boyfriend accidentally did) I really enjoyed this tour. I liked how laid back it was and how it felt more like I was out at sea with a bunch of my friends than doing a tour with some strangers through a tour company. Both Captain Steini and Pétur the guide were really helpful and it was obvious that they wanted us to get the most out of the tour as possible. Because the fish was not biting, Captain Steini took us further out than they normally would and we got almost a full extra hour at it.

Even though I didn't catch anything I sure did enjoy the lovely sunset and beautiful surroundings

The best thing about Special Tours is the fact that they are a rather small company. Their boats are small and both the Puffin Express tour and last night’s tour had just the right number of people on them to make it cozy and intimate but still fun and lively. Both the boyfriend and I had great fun and give Special Tours the thumbs up. Totally recommended.

I don't normally post photos of myself here but here you can see me with what I though for a moment was mine. Three lines got tangled up and Pétur the guide made me pose with these because he tough they were mine. As it turned out when the lines had be untangled, my line was actually still in the water and I had just taken credit for someone else's catch on film. Epic fail!





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  1. Danielle Engel says:

    Is that the Lopapeysa you knit yourself? It looks wonderful!

  2. mm I heart Reykjavík says:

    It sure is! And a matching headband I made out of left over yarn 🙂

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