Reykjavík Shopping: Four Icelandic Design shops you should not miss

Today I met with one of my sisters for lunch down town. We decided to take a little walk down Laugarvegur and visit a few of our favorite Icelandic designers shops and share with you our findings. Although these photos may suggest otherwise, my sister does smile occasionally and we actually had a really good time.


UPDATE: Unfortunately as of January/February 2012 Forynja is closing down. 

Forynja is the brainchild of the designers Sara María but she was a part of the collective that started the late Naked Ape back in 2005. Now she sells amazing clothes under her own label Forynja, along with this and that from local design brands such as Helicopter (love the pink and black mesh dresses from Helicopter – yum!).

Sara María’s clothes are all hand printed and in my opinion quite affordable. I really don’t like the design stores that mass produce their products and then sell them like they are one of a kind. This is not the case with Forynja. Her clothes are simple but with a twist with the prints and splash of vibrant colors

Forynja is located in a cute little house by Laugarvegur, probably the only one with purple window frames


She sells hand printed T-shirts and leggings to die for and it’s equally colorful on the inside as outside


These lovely necklaces were my sister’s favorite


Here we ran into troubles because a) I’m not a photographer and b) my sister is not a model so we really were not sure how it was best to photograph the clothes. This photo just doesn’t do this great dress justice so you have to go and take a look at it yourself


How great are these leggings?


Out of the four shops we vistied, Forynja is my favorite. It’s not that I don’t love the other stores, because they are beautiful, but Forynja is just more my style. What I also like about it is the fact that their stuff is available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL, and I’ve seen on her Facebook page that she sometimes offers leggings up to 2XL. So you don’t have to be a size zero to enjoy these clothes. If I had money to spend right now, I would definitely spend it there. My wardrobe is seriously missing some neon.

Laugarvegur 12, 101 Reykjavík


Einvera is run by two sisters who design their clothes under the lable Kalda. Kalda was featured both in the British Vouge and the Swedish Elle this month but their clothes are gorgeous, simple and modern and their shop is very beautiful. When I told my sister what we would be doing for this post she demanded that we would visit Einvera because she loves it. I had never visited before but now I do understand where her love is coming from.

Einvera is very modest from the outside – which is probably why I’ve never been in there before


Inside the store


The decor, colors of the wall and the layout make this a very pleasant place to visit – the fact they sell gorgeous clothes makes it even better


This lovely mesh skirt and top is what my sister chose to try on. Since we are not professionals I recommend you check out the Rjúfland collection on the Kalda website.

If Forynja was my favorite, Einvera was definitely on top of my sister’s list. Although Kalda is a pit pricey for us poor Icelanders it’s quite reasonable for a design boutique. Their dresses range from about EUR 100 to EUR 300 but when the króna was little bit more on our side I remember buying mass produced dresses in London high street stores for EUR 100. So it’s actually probably rather cheap.

Laugarvegur 35, 101 Reykjavík
Einvera on Facebook 



Kiosk is a fashion boutique co-owned by 9 designers. They all take turns working at the store and today the lovely lady behind Skaparinn very kindly welcomed us into the store. If we take the clothes out of the equation for a moment I think Kiosk wins in the most pretty boutique contest. It’s very simple but yet colorful which is a tough thing to master. Plus they always have the most amazing window displays.

The clothes are also lovely. They have a nice range of stuff in everything from muted pink to neon yellow and some great accessories. I am particularly fond of Hlín Reykdal‘s hair accessories but I’ve long been known to want to put everything in my hair.

Kiosk in Laugarvegur


Pretty pretty clothes


More pretty clothes


I love how they use the trees inside the store


Hlín Reykdal Accessories


Amazing gradient thights


My sister tried out this Eygló dress. I really love the X-Ray print. There was a short top in the store that had the same type of print and it was to die for.

I wish I was turning 30 again so I could get one of those lovely necklaces for my birthday. Would it be too much to throw another party for my 30 and a half birthday?

Laugarvegur 65, 101 Reykjavík
The Kiosk Blog
Kiosk on Facebook

The Collective of Young Designers

The collective of young designers is almost hidden at its Laugarvegur location below Hemmi og Valdi coffee shop. On Facebook they call themselves the secret shop which I guess is quite fitting. It’s run by 12 young designers who all share rent for the space and take turns working at the shop. They are all very different and the stores feels a little bit like organized chaos – in a very sweet and charming way.

There were all kinds of stuff available at the secret shop. They have dresses, jewelry made out of buttons, knitted sweaters – the works. I like how the space itself is quite raw and how they kind of just make do with what they have. The fitting room, for example, is located at the bathroom.

The Collective of Young Designers is located at the basement of Hemmi og Valdi


Inside the store


Knitted sweaters and clay jewelry


All the small stuff is kept in these brilliant drawers

My sister tries on a sweater dress from Another Scorpion with a matching braided necklace and a headband from Skugga Donna. We agreed that we both really liked this outfit on her – even though she isn’t smiling


I really like the concept behind the collective and I admire the designers for taking the leap and opening a store. Like with all stores some of the things were nicer than others but put together, as a collective, they become a charming little place that is well worth the visit.

The Collective of Young Designers
Laugarvegur 21, 101 Reykjavík
The Collective of Young Designers on Facebook 

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