Icelandic Music I like: Fylkingar by Ensími

Back in the day, one of my good friends got a summer job of organizing a concert series in a place called Hlaðvarpinn. We must have been 17 or 18 and and we thought this was the coolest summer job ever. One of the bands she booked was an up and coming band called Sigur Rós who played material of their just released album Ágætis Byrjun. I remember sitting on the floor so close to the stage that Jónsi’s bow almost touched my nose in every stroke. It was possibly my best concert experience to date. A little bit later they played an official release concert for their album and the rest is history.

Another band that she booked was Ensími. We were in love and followed the band everywhere it played. I especially remember one concert where me and my friends, plus the friends of the band, were practically the only guests there. Back then, now turned politician Oddný Sturludóttir was hip and cool and played their keyboard. Later DJ KGB, who can still be found DJing around town – mostly in Kaffibarinn – and plays with Mr.Silla, took her place. We all had a secret crush on him.

When I lived in England when I was 19 there were three album’s I played almost on repeat. They were Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós, You by Bang Gang and Kafbátamúsík by Ensími. When certain memories pop up in my head they are sometimes accompanied with Atari – our favorite song from the album.

After Ensími’s second album I kind of stopped following what they were up to. My taste in music had changed, they had changed and I just always had fond memories of that first album and being one of their groupies when they were starting out. Because of that I didn’t pay much attention to it when they released the latest album, Gæludýr,  late last year. Then the other day I was listening to X-ið in the car and heard a song that I really liked and noticed that they were singing in Icelandic ( I seriously never listened to the lyrics and assumed it was some foreign act). I asked the boyfriend what the hell this was and he answered Ensími.

This song is seriously cool. I think I may have to go and give Gæludýr a go.

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