Reykjavík Burgers: Hamborgarabúllan (The Burgerjoint)

Hamburgers. What can I write about hamburgers. One could say that a hamburger is a hamburger and that they are all the same. I would have to disagree with that, not all burgers are created equal. The worst hamburger I’ve ever had was at a place called Flintstones in Gothenburg. It was terrible. Flintstones is not a bad place though, it’s just that Swedes have very different ideas about hamburgers than we do. Their kebabs are nice though.

This is a burgerjoint

Reykjavík has many good places for burgers. One such place is Hamborgarabúllan. Many would argue that Hamborgarbúllan is in fact the best place for burger in Reykjavík. It’s frequented by locals and visitors alike and their customer base is very loyal.

Hamborgarabúllan was founded by the Icelandic Burger King Tommi of the late Tommaborgarar – the first Icelandic fast food chain. He was also responsible for bringing Hard Rock to Reykjavík but I’m not familiar with whether he had anything to do with it going under and leaving again.

Hamborgarabúllan’s approach to their business is simple and straightforward. Don’t expect to get a menu or service to the table. Hamborgarabúllan is a burger joint – you will have a burger and you will order at the till. The most popular item on their non-exiting menu is the Offer of the century which consists of a burger, some french fries and a coke. I don’t remember exactly how much it is but not so far from 1200 ISK sounds about right.

Búllan has an authentic feel to it and it’s interior matches the weird building it’s located in and somewhat unorthodox location. It’s more or less always busy but never so that you feel like you are not welcome or out of place. Oh and their burgers are excellent.

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7 thoughts on “Reykjavík Burgers: Hamborgarabúllan (The Burgerjoint)”

  1. Lisa says:

    My son loved the milkshakes here.

  2. Andrea says:

    What should we do for spending money? We are traveling from Canada. Euros or buy kronas when we get there? Credit Cards where possible?

    1. mm Auður says:

      Credit cards and ATMs are the best way – first of all you won’t find any Icelandic krónur outside of Iceland (long story) and the Euro is not an official currency and you can mostly just use them when you pay for tours and such.

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi! This is an old post so hopefully you still look at comments on old posts. My wife and I are visiting your beautiful country in April for the first time and since I am a burger fanatic I know I have to go to this restaurant. I was just wondering if when we go – do we just say we want to have the “order of the century”? I just don’t want to look like a total idiot… if that’s at all possible. Also, in trying to learn just a few words of Icelandic we have become stumped by the pronunciation of the double L. For example, Thingvellir (sorry, I don’t have the symbol for the TH sound on my computer) does it kind of make a “dl” sound for the double L? Thank you in advance!

    1. mm Auður says:

      Yeah, the offer of the century and maybe some sauce on the side.

      The double L is tough but it’s kind of a dl sound like you say.

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