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In today’s economy it’s hard to be a newly graduated architect in Reykjavík. Nobody wants to hire you, the construction business is far from booming and the future may seem bleak – at best. Unless you are willing to think outside of the box which is exactly what the kids at Borgarmynd did.


A hand drawn map of Reykjavík Center

Head on over to to see it for yourself


Reykjavík Center Map is a hand drawn interactive map of Reykjavík. The map is available free in the printed form around Reykjavík and on the interwebs at  The map took 2 years in production and the architects, graphic designers and programmers who worked on it –  who all met at Iceland Academy of Arts –  spent about 3000 hours on perfecting their creation.

The map features businesses around Reykjavík that could be of interest to all that visit our great city.  I especially enjoy the little details they’ve put into their work, this really is a fun and fresh take on the  typical Reykjavík tourist map. You should check it out!

The work on the map was funded by advertising revenue and grants from the City of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund. This project has really put the kids at  Borgarmynd on the map (map – hehe)  but they are currently working the PR material for Reykjavík Cultural Night that takes place in August. Good job!

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4 thoughts on “Website of the week: Reykjavík Center Map dot com”

  1. Thanks for the article 🙂 And no, we´re not just boys, there´s one girl as well, and we´re proud to have her on board!

  2. mm I heart Reykjavík says:

    I stand corrected and have corrected this – of course. Girl Power! 🙂

  3. Francis Chin says:

    I have been longing to visit Iceland but was frightened by the high prices because Icelanders were supposed to be happy, free-spending people enjoying the riches from the financial & banking industry. Now that Lonely Planet readers have voted Iceland as the no.1 tourist destination, and the beautiful interactive map is so amazing, I think I must seriously visit. I hope prices are lower after the financial crisis. By the way, is there a complete high-res image file of the map that I can download. It is a work of art!

    1. mm I heart Reykjavík says:

      I don’t think there’s a high-res file of the map, considering all the work they put into it they would be foolish leaving something like that lying around. However, the map is available in the printed form here in Reykjavík so now there’s is another reason to visit 🙂

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