Outside Reykjavík: Hofsós Swimming pool

Yesterday the boyfriend and I, along with the little princess, decided to take a drive in the Northwest of Iceland in an area called Skagafjörður. We ended up in a little town called Hofsós and like true Icelanders on summer holiday we decided to check out their newly built swimming pool. I hope Laugardalslaug swimming pool never hears about what I’m about to say but I think I’ve found a new favourite.

The location is what makes Hofsós Swimming Pool really unique – You can see Drangey island in the distance


As you drive into town, the pool is barely noticeable from the street because it falls so effortlessly into it’s surroundings. The pool was a gift from a couple of wealthy ladies that reside in the surrounding areas and it has a bit of a 2007 vibe to it. However, for whatever reason, the minimalistic approach works for this particular place and the bare concrete in the changing rooms and no frills attitude belong somehow. The pool has won several awards for it’s design so it’s a treat for anyone interested in Icelandic architecture .

The view from the poolside


The best thing about the pool is it’s location. It’s located in a hillside with nothing next to it on one side but the sea and the amazing mountains across the fjord.  No pool I’ve ever visited beats the view Hofsós swimming pool offers. Apart from that everything was very clean, which is also important, and the admission didn’t cost us an arm or a leg. The pool itself is short so I don’t know whether I would necessarily choose it for the morning laps but it’s great for lounging around and hot pots are also rather comfy. And since we were visiting with a child I should mention that the pool also offers all kinds of fun toys for the kids and the kids at heart –  like the water pistol I used to shoot the boyfriend in the face.

My peeps in the pool


Although we only went to Hofsós to try out their pool it’s a really cute town and I wished we could have spent the night there to visit the museums and other sights. Plus, I could have and surely would have visited the pool again! You can check out more photos from Hofsós on Facebook



How to get there
Hofsós is about 4 – 4.5 hours from Reykjavík – See directions on Google maps

The Pool Itself
For two adults and one child we paid 800 ISK admissions fee. There are no lockers in the changing rooms but there are small deposit box  where you can keep your valuables. The showers are a bit tricky but if the water is too cold or too hot you need to turn them all on and wait a while.

The verdict
Loved this pool – cannot recommend it enough!

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2 thoughts on “Outside Reykjavík: Hofsós Swimming pool”

  1. Marco says:

    Thanks for the review 😉
    How was the water temperature?

    1. mm Auður says:

      Fine – just like a normal pool.

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