Icelandic music I like: Þessir menn by Valdimar (via @gogoyoko )

Valdimar is a relatively new Icelandic band that recently released their first album called Undraland (Wonderland). I don’t know where exactly to place them musically but I think that’s what I like about them.

Þessir men (Those men) is my favourite song from their album because I really love the lyrics. The singer, who’s actually called Valdimar too, is singing to a girl telling her that she’s worth more than she thinks and that she deserves better. A message true to my heart having two little sisters and stepdaughter and all.  One line I particularly like goes something like this: Your little toe is bigger than those men. I don’t know, it works in Icelandic.

You can catch Valdimar playing in Galtalækur festival (South of Iceland) with Dikta, Ensími, Cliff Clavin and more this weekend (June 24.-26.). Tickets available from Mohawks in Kringlan or Laugarvegur and N1 gas station. It’s 6500 ISK if you buy the ticket now but 7500 ISK if you buy the ticket at the gate.

You should really go buy their album. It’s really good and it’s only €7.90 on Gogoyoko

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