Icelandic Music I like – Steed Lord

Steed Lord is a band that I hate to love or love to hate. Haven’t really made up my mind yet. I may hate to love it because the singer is the daughter of a Icelandic singer I’m not too fond of and I was jealous as a kid that she got to sing on records just because she was someone’s daughter. I’m someone’s daughter too, it’s not my fault that I can’t carry a tune!

I kid, I kid.

What I have decided is that I have seen them live and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I wasn’t sure that I liked them. They are a pretty tight live act. I also happen to love the video they did with Sonya Tayhe ( SYTYCD – whoop whoop) and their new stuff is kind of rad.

I heard somewhere that they do everything themselves – they are their own managers, handle their own PR and such and for that I have to give them respect. They recently signed a deal with Fox Network in the USA and I believe three of their songs will be featured on So You Think You Can Dance this season. The first one was used when the top 20 were revealed last week but you can listen to that song below. Good job Steed Lord!

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