What’s on in Reykjavík: What not to miss in May 2011

Reykjavík Arts Festival

What’s it about: music, theatre, dance, literature and the visual arts
When: May 20th to June 5th
Where: All around Reykjavík
More information: www.artfest.is


Páll Óskar’s Eurovision Party in Nasa

What’s it about: Páll Óskar is one of the most popular artist in Iceland and a Eurovision Song Contest buff. His annual Eurovision party is THE place to be for Eurovision fans  and everyone who’s up for a good time – no matter how Iceland does in the competition. Expect a lot of glamour and cheesy music.
When: May 14th  @21:00
Where: Nasa
More information: www.midi.is


Busta Rhymes in Iceland

What’s it about: Busta Rhymes being in Iceland and doing his thing
When: May 18th @22:00
Where: Vodafonehöllin (The Vodafone Palace)
More information: Tickets sold in Mohawks in Kringlan


Ensími in Faktorý

What’s it about: Ensími is an Icelandic band that started their journey in the 90s and are still going strong. They will be playing material that covers their whole careers
When: May 19th @21:00
Where: Faktorý
More information: Tickets sold at the entrance – 1500 ISK


FM Belfast and Prins Pólo in Nasa

What’s it about: FM Belfast is hands down one of the best live acts in Reykjavík. Prins Pólo will open their show.
When: May 20th @23:55
Where: Nasa
More information: www.midi.is


Caribou in Nasa

What is it about: Legendary artist Caribou plays a much anticipated show in Nasa. Sin Fang opens the show.
When: May 22nd @22:00
Where: Nasa
More information: www.midi.is

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