Volcanic Eruption in Iceland – Do not panic!

April 13th 2012:
If you just clicked a link on Twitter saying there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland it was just an old post that accidentally got re-posted. There’s no eruption going on and there is still no reason to panic !

Photo: Halldóra K. Unnarsdóttir



Apparently a volcanic eruption has started in Iceland. The volcano is called Grímsvötn and it’s located in Vatnajökull which happens to be the biggest glacier in Europe. Eruptions in Grímsvötn are fairly common, last one taking place in 2004, and they have hardly ever affected flights like the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull infamously did. It’s far away from Reykjavík and not likely to cause any harm to us humans. For information about the eruption in English, you can try icenews.is.

There’s no need to panic! And this has nothing to do with that doomsday everyone was talking about. The volcano maybe should have considered waiting a day or two for this spectacle though since some may link the two together.



OK, so this eruption was bigger than was thought to begin with but there’s still no reason to panic.  For more information about current events please try one of the following links:

All that we know about the eruption in one place – by Inspired by Iceland
Volcano report
– by Iceland.is
Gísli Ólafsson
– Emergency Response Director –  on Twitter
Alda Sigmundsdóttir – owner of Iceland Weather Report – on Twitter

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