Amazing and fabulous and friendly and talented: Takk from me to you

Over the years I have seen endless amount of articles that will tell you how amazing and fabulous and friendly and talented us Icelanders are. Not to mention happy. If you haven’t seen them, just follow an Icelandic travel company on Facebook or Twitter and they are bound to share one of these articles with you. Although I can’t argue against that most of the people I know here are amazing and friendly and talented and fabulous, I happen to think all these articles are forgetting something very important. Namely, you guys.

Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

I would like to see an article make its way around social media that celebrates the amazing people that come to Iceland, take out of this world photos and videos of places many Icelanders have never even seen and share them with the whole wide world. An article that thanks all the visitors that have bought Icelandic music and introduced it to their friends at home, before most Icelanders ever discovered it, helping Icelandic musicians realize their dreams to work on something they love. All the people who have taken a chance on little travel companies like my dad’s Taxi Tours with positive direct and indirect consequences for the families involved. A few words to thank the hundreds of thousands that by visiting Reykjavík every year, help us maintain a flourishing restaurant and cafe scene that quite frankly, wouldn’t exist without you.

New Years Eve in Reykjavík

The super awesome crew that shared New Years Eve with us – Photo by Logan Greenlee

On a more personal level I would to like to thank you for every time you stop by here at the blog, for all the comments and interaction on Facebook and Twitter, the likes on Instagram and all the generous donations. Most of all for the time I’ve shared with some of you – making the last two years so awesome that I almost tear up thinking about it.

Jennifer and Richard who were nice enough to let me tag along on their South Coast adventure

Jennifer and Richard who were nice enough to let me tag along on their South Coast adventure

Lava and Moss in Eldhraun

Lava and moss and great travel partners in Eldhraun

I think statistically Iceland and Reykjavík get more amazing and fabulous and friendly and talented visitors than any country could hope for. I don’t even have to use the per capita argument to support that. Maybe one of these journalists that are constantly commenting on how happy we are should look into whether that might be a part of the reason.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing and fabulous and friendly and talented: Takk from me to you”

  1. I never thought about the tourist situation in this way. I don’t know whether to say ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re welcome!’

    The tags for this post form a beautiful little prose-poem.

  2. Gary says:

    Hello Auour, I have been browsing your very nice blog for a few days, this post was interesting. I agree, perhaps only friendly & inquisitive people visit your country as they know the welcome will be warm, one begets the other.

    The beauty in the video above is breath-taking.

    I listened to your audio clip of the ‘phrases of the day’, it reminded me of the 3 times I saw Bjork in concert in the Uk, a really lovely accent in English, sounds a really hard language to speak though!

    And finally, I am shortly to book for my first trip, inspired by recently seeing Sigur Ros, and by Bjork too back in the day, it feels like I am being drawn there. I plan to come and see Airwaves this year! I also plan to see Sigur Ros again at the end of August, 300 miles away.

    For any Sigur Ros fans, a clip from me when I saw them recently:

  3. Gary says:

    Hello again.

    I was just watching some Sigur Ros videos before heading to bed, and I saw this one:

    and I wondered if your photo of the lava and moss was taken in the same place as in the video? Or maybe inspired by it? Or just a coincidence!



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